I have tested the Zounich sports bottle for you over a longer period. It is especially important to drink something when traveling. But not everyone wants to use plastic bottles. However, it can be impractical as well as dangerous to use glass bottles when traveling or doing sports. Also, many beverage bottles are not at all suitable due to their capacity, as they can only hold a very small amount of ml.

It is quite clear that a sports bottle should be suitable not only for you, but also for your child. Most water bottles for kids have a small capacity. Although SIGG is one of the most famous brands of water bottles, their capacity is still quite small. However, many kids need more drinks on the go, so they need bottles with a larger capacity. You can check out other sports bottles on Amazon. We will then direct you to Amazon. There are different types of sports bottles for each sport as well as fitness.

    • Sigg sports bottle
    • Cleaning beverage bottles

For sports and fitness, it is important to use a sturdy bottle that is safe to use. In this day and age, it’s also important to use environmentally friendly bottles. You don’t always want to just spend money, so reusable bottles are handy.

When I was looking for a sports bottle also for my outdoor activities, I would like to share my experience with ZOUNICH sports bottle. Maybe my experience will help you when you are looking for a sports bottle.

ZOUNICH sports bottle – reasons why you should buy it

I bought this ZOUNICH sports bottle because I needed a bottle for on the go as well. Since I switched to glass bottles in my personal life, they are not very practical for commuting, so I needed an alternative. Plus, it’s very refreshing to drink homemade iced tea, especially on hot summer days, which also needs to be filled into another water bottle.

ZOUNICH Sport Drinking Bottle Outdoor
Especially if you’re outdoors a lot and have kids, it’s worth buying a BPA-free bottle

The second reason I bought a ZOUNICH sports bottle instead of a Sigg is that most kids’ bottles have a capacity of 300 ml. That’s not enough for long trips with the baby, sports or fitness. So I needed a water bottle that is suitable for a baby, but has a realtively larger capacity.

ZOUNICH Sports Water Bottle – Advantages

With the above reasons to buy a sports water bottle, I was able to find a few benefits. These should be useful if you are also looking for a reusable water bottle. I tested the ZOUNICH sports drink bottle at home as well as on the go and found the following benefits:

    • Can be used with one hand
    • Easy to recharge
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be used with a variety of liquids
  • Leakproof

Especially on long car trips, you may need to quench your thirst. Plus, if you’re traveling with a child, you usually only have one hand. Therefore, it was important to me that you can operate the bottle with one hand. That’s the case with the ZOUNICH bottle.

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The large opening also makes the bottle easy to fill. Another advantage for me is that this bottle is dishwasher safe. That means you can fill the bottle with different liquids. You don’t have to worry about leaving any unwanted residue.

Also, it was very important that the sports bottle is waterproof. For me, especially when traveling, this is an important criterion that a water bottle should meet.

ZOUNICH sports bottle – disadvantages

Of course, a water bottle also has its disadvantages. This is also the case with the ZOUNICH sports drink bottle. Here, too, I have found some disadvantages that I would like to share with you.

First of all, the sports drink bottle can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, the inside of the bottle needs to be dried again. After the rinse cycle, water residue will remain on the bottle. Another disadvantage is that the fabric strip cannot be removed. This can be confusing in some situations. When placing the bottle in the dishwasher, care must also be taken to ensure that the dust strip does not get caught in the arms of the dishwasher.

When using the ZOUNICH sports bottle, also make sure that the bottle makes a “click” sound when opened. Therefore, it should not be opened silently.

What is special about the ZOUNICH Sport bottle?

We recommend the ZOUNICH Sport bottle if you are looking for a waterproof bottle. It’s also recommended if you want to use it with one hand and don’t want it to slip out of your hand.

There is one detail that I can mention as a special feature of the ZOUNICH sports bottle. That is the locking mechanism. The bottle lid can also be closed as a kind of child lock. But it can also be unlocked with one hand.

What I also find special is that the bottle can be used not only for non-carbonated drinks, but also for carbonated drinks. The bottle also comes with a separate filter. This way, you can add fruit or ice cubes to your drink without accidentally putting them in your mouth.

ZOUNICH Sports Bottles – My Review

I tried the ZOUNICH sports drink bottle and was pleasantly surprised. The water bottle can be used on the go, at the gym, and at home. Drinking from the bottle is pleasant, the water bottle does not leave an unpleasant smell or taste of the liquid.

ZOUNICH sports cap is used not only by adults, but also by small children. However, for the sake of manageability, you should pay attention to the capacity.

Although the ZOUNICH water bottle is called a sports bottle, it is not suitable for sports or athletic activities. So if you are looking for a water bottle, I recommend the ZOUNICH bottles.


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