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You want to paint your apartment, house garden and still looking for the right wall color for it? The color of the walls gives a room a completely new look. Thanks to an infinite range of colors, it is possible to renew and decorate the room. With the appropriate properties such as opacity and wet abrasion class, gloss level and flowability, you can find the right wall paint for you.

With our test of wall paints, we want to help you find the right wall paint for your living space. We have compared the different colors for you and show the results in this guide.

The most important compact

  • With wall color you can set new accents and thus completely transform your living spaces.
  • Before buying it is recommended that you pay attention to certain purchase criteria. Very special attention should be paid to opacity, gloss level and yield.
  • It is usually distinguished between dispersion and natural paint. The first product is artificial colors. These are easy to process. Natural paints do not harm the environment and are less harmful to health.

What you need to know about wall color

Which wall color should you prefer for which room?

There are currently very many different colors and shades on offer. For this reason, the choice can be quite difficult. Just get inspired on the Internet or in various interior design magazines and decide on a particular shade. The different shades always have a different effect. Some make us fit and provide energy and others make us tired and sluggish. It is recommended to opt for lighter shades when it comes to painting living areas.

How long does wall color dry?

Most emulsion paints dry quickly and after only about 5 hours, the paint can be painted over. Of course, the drying time varies from the room temperature and room humidity. Nevertheless, it is not recommended if the wall paint dries quickly. This can lead to unsightly cracks.

How much money should one budget for a wall color?

There are cheap emulsion paints, which you can already buy for a liter price of one euro. However, it is recommended to rather reach for the more expensive colors, so that the effect also looks much better. The price per liter for emulsion paints ranges from 0.88 to 39 euros. The natural paints cost between 1.70 and 40 euros per liter.

How to properly dispose of wall color?

If the wall paint is mold-free and dry, you can dispose of it in the household waste. The paint with mold belongs in the hazardous waste and the normal dried paint in the yellow garbage can. In addition, there is the possibility that you simply drop off the leftover paint at a recycling center. Most manufacturers state that the paint has a shelf life of two years. As a rule, you can use the paint even longer.

How you can compare wall colors with each other

We distinguish between two types of paint, namely dispersion paint and natural paint.

The emulsion paint and its advantages and disadvantages

The emulsion paint is a very common and commercial wall paint, which you can buy in any store. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor use. The emulsion paint is made of synthetic resin, the so-called acrylic.


  • Available in any land with wall paint
  • Easy to apply
  • Many different shades


  • Not good for the environment
  • Room climate is affected

The natural paint and its advantages and disadvantages

The natural paint belongs to a different type of product. This type of product is often called ecological paint. Unlike the emulsion paint, this is made from minerals or plants.


  • Without chemical ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Health friendly


  • Fewer shades available
  • More expensive
  • Smells weird

Purchase recommendation: how do you find the right wall color?

There are some important buying criteria that we would like to mention herewith. In this way, we hope that bad purchases will be avoided.

  • Covering power
  • Sufficiency


A good wall paint should meet the DIN standard “EN 13300”. This is a high quality, which ensures that after the initial application of the paint well covers another color.


The yield is another important point. Here there is a rule, because one liter of paint should be enough for about 7 square meters of wall surface. Should this rule fit the selected wall paint, it is a good ergibiege wall paint.

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