Our big “Trampoline Test” should help you understand what you need this product for. After all, trampolines are used for fitness purposes, children’s birthday parties or just to clear your head. We would like to help you understand this product.

Enclosed we go into the pros and cons of the various trampolines and show you why it is worthwhile to reach for this great recreational device.

The most important compact

  • Trampolines can be used as a piece of sports equipment by both young and older people. For example, you can perform jumping exercises.
  • Currently, we distinguish between four different types of trampolines: inflatable trampoline, garden trampoline, mini trampoline and fitness trampoline.
  • Be sure to pay special attention to the TÜV or GS certificate before buying a trampoline.

These are our buying recommendations from experts

What you need to know about trampolines

Is it worth buying a trampoline?

If you want to improve your endurance, strengthen your muscles and get your hips in order, you should think about buying one. If you have joint problems, a trampoline can be the right remedy. Losing weight is also easy on the joints.

How much money do you have to budget for a trampoline

Trampolines are available in almost every price range. Here it depends on the quality of the product as well as the manufacturer. The inflatable trampolines are the least expensive. You can buy these from a price of 50 euros. MiniTrampolines also cost that much money. Indoor or fitness trampolines are available from 60 euros. For the high quality models you have to pay up to 100 euros. ProfessionalTrampolines as well as large ones with a diameter of 200 cm and more even cost several hundred euros.

Where can you buy trampolines?

You can buy trampolines in an ordinary supermarket or at the discount store around the corner. There are also often offers that you can take advantage of to pick up a good product. However, you can find a wide and inexpensive selection on the Internet.


Purchase recommendation: How do you find the right trampoline?

We distinguish between four types of trampolines:

  • Garden trampoline
  • Mini trampoline
  • Fitness trampoline
  • Inflatable trampoline

The garden trampoline and its advantages and disadvantages

If you want to buy a big trampoline because you have a lot of space in your garden, then this product is the right choice for you. The jumping surface in such models has a diameter of about 240 to 490 centimeters. Such products are sturdy and can withstand a weight of up to 160 kilograms.


  • Robust
  • Strong to weather
  • Large
  • Suitable for children and adults


  • High risk of accidents
  • Expensive

The mini trampoline and its advantages and disadvantages

A mini trampoline integrates perfectly into your garden if you have little space available. Furthermore, they are height adjustable, rectangular or square trampolines. Such products you may know from earlier times, because they were often used for physical education.


  • Perfect for physical education
  • Adjustable height
  • Springs well
  • Most suitable for home use


  • Less suitable for recreational use
  • Increases only the bounce

The fitness trampoline and its advantages and disadvantages

If you want to burn some calories, this is your friend and helper. This joint-saving device will make sure you get rid of a few kilos while having fun.


  • Gentle
  • Robust
  • Good for workouts
  • Springs well


  • Hopping only possible while standing
  • Expensive

The inflatable trampoline and its advantages and disadvantages

You can use such devices outdoors and indoors. You can use them provides under the water. Also, you can easily store them, as you let the air out, and already you can put the product in any corner of the house.


  • Inexpensive to purchase
  • Saves space
  • Low risk of injury
  • Multiple use


  • Low load-bearing capacity
  • Low bounce
  • Less suitable for adults

What is important before buying?

  • TÜV or GS certificate
  • Type of trampoline

TÜV or GS certificate

Only independent testing bodies award such a certificate. This assures that it is a safe product that meets the highest safety standards. The GS mark indicates whether the product complies with European directives.

Type of trampoline

Before you proceed to the purchase, you need to know what you need a trampoline for in the first place. Only on the basis of this decision you can buy a fitness trampoline or a garden trampoline.

Worth knowing facts about trampolines

How can I clean a trampoline?

Most of the time, it’s enough if you clean it with lukewarm water and a rag. In some cases, you may need to take some dishwashing liquid to hand if the dirt is too heavy.


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