Tick pliers

Tick pliers test: With this pliers you pull the ticks effortlessly

The Tick pliers should be missing in keiem household, where animals are also in the wild. Because ticks must go out. Also with our domestic animals these diseases can transfer.

Therefore, we have looked, which are easy to use, that ticks can also be pulled directly. Because not everyone has a dog or cat, which put up with it, with the pliers ewig herumzudoktorn.

To the point

  • Before you use a tick tong, you should familiarize yourself with its handling in advance. Incorrect handling can cause inflammation as well as disease.
  • To be able to remove a tick, a tick tong is useful. Therefore, it is a tool that you can use.
  • There are different types of tick tongs. You can therefore choose between a tick tongs made of metal, made of plastic or even an electric model.

Guide tick pliers: what you should consider when buying

What is a tick pliers?

With a tick pliers you can remove ticks easily and without problems. With such pliers you can better grab the small animal and remove it afterwards. In many cases, ticks are found in green landscapes, such as the edge of the forest, streams or parks. Thereby, these little animals are predominantly present in the high grass, on the ground or even in the bushes. However, ticks are predominantly on the move on warm, humid days. However, a cold summer day does not mean that a tick infestation is impossible.

How do I use a tick removal tool?

There are different approaches to removing a tick. For one, you can pull the tick out or twist it out. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. However, there is a higher chance that some of the tick will remain in the body should you twist it out. However, the body usually repels a foreign body on its own after some time due to pus formation.

If you buy a tick remover, you can read there a recommendation for its use. It will explain exactly how to use them. As a rule, you should grab the tick slightly above the skin with the forceps. Then it is important to proceed slowly and pull the tick evenly and straight out of the body. If the tick does not come off directly, it can be helpful to turn the tick slightly.

However, it is always important not to squeeze the tick. This can cause the pathogens to enter the wound, which can produce severe side effects.

Is there an alternative to tick forceps?

You can remove a tick with a wide variety of tools. Each alternative has its advantages and disadvantages, which you should consider when using it. Likewise, these alternatives are more suitable for one than another, especially in terms of handling. These are:

  • Tick hook
  • Conventional tweezers
  • Tick card
  • Tick tweezers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tick pliers and what types are available?

When choosing the right tick pliers, there are three different types. Between them you have to decide before you decide to buy. However, in doing so, it is useful to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type. They are the following types of tick tongs:

  • Electronic tick nippers
  • Plastic tick nipper
  • Metal tick pliers

The advantages and disadvantages of plastic tick pliers

The advantage of a plastic tick tongs is that they can not rust. This makes them easy to clean and you can choose between different colors. Such a tick tongs is ideal for use on children. However, you should take into account that plastic is a material that can break quickly.

  • No rust
  • Easy cleaning
  • Susceptible to breakage

The advantages and disadvantages of metal tick pliers

When using a metal tick tong, it is important that it is a stainless metal. Rusted metal can cause an increased risk of getting an infection. Therefore, it makes sense to choose pliers made of stainless steel.

  • High quality materials
  • When rust, increased risk of infection

The advantages and disadvantages of electronic tick pliers

These tick tongs are usually made of plastic. A big advantage with these models is that you have the option of killing the tick with an electric shock after removing it. There may be a possibility that the tick will survive if you dispose of it directly in the toilet or trash can after removal. However, a live tick is necessary to perform a Lyme disease test.

  • Killing possible after removal
  • Testing for Lyme disease not possible with killed tick

Questions and answers about tick tongs

How expensive is a tick tong?

A tick tong is an inexpensive purchase. However, it also depends on the type as well as the material. A model made of plastic usually costs between 1.00 euros and 5.00 euros. With a model made of stainless steel you can count on acquisition costs between 1.00 euros and 10.00 euros.

Where can you buy a tick tong?

To buy a tick tongs, you can use different options. So you can usually find them in any pet store. But also pharmacies offer you a selection of models between which you can choose. In some cases, there are also supermarkets that have them in their assortment. Of course, you can also look around online for tick tongs.

Is it necessary to clean a tick tong?

Also a tick tongs, you should clean after use in any case. A tick has infectious saliva, which can also remain on a tick forceps. Therefore, it makes sense that you disinfect the tick forceps. Likewise, you should wash not only the pliers, but also your hands after removing a tick. This also applies to the wound. Once you have removed the tick, it is necessary to clean the existing wound with a wound disinfectant. This way you can prevent inflammation.

What is the danger of ticks?

Ticks themselves are not poisonous. However, they can transmit many different diseases. It can happen that the disease is transmitted by the bite or only a few hours after the bite. In most cases, these are the following diseases:

  • FSME
  • Baby diarrhea
  • Borreliosis

What buying criteria should you consider?

To be able to decide on the best model, you should take a closer look at these buying criteria. This will help you find the best tick tongs for your area of application. These are the following criteria:

  • Features
  • Handling
  • Material
  • Suitability

Is there a difference between a tick nipper for humans and for animals?

As a rule, you can use a tick nipper for animals on a human as well. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the scope of application when you buy it.

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