Solar system for motorhome - this is what experts recommend

The Solarange for motorhome is meanwhile camping no longer imaginable without. You are a passionate camper, own your own motorhome and do not want to be suddenly without electricity on vacation? Then a solar system for your camper is exactly the right solution for you.

Thanks to these small but nice little helpers you are no longer tied to sockets or other power sources and still always have electricity. The power is sponsored by the best energy source ever … the sun. In the following, we would like to get to the bottom of isolated important questions regarding solar systems for mobile homes in more detail.

Experts recommend these solar systems for the motor home.

Solar system camper guide – This is worth knowing

A trip that is fun…. Especially in the warm summer months, hardly anyone can stand it more in the home. The desire for vacation and variety is still existing. It must go thereby however not always into distant, foreign countries. The relaxing vacation on the campsite is currently back in full trend. If one has then still another own camper, nothing stands to the well-deserved time out more in the way. A motorhome stands for freedom, independence, mobility and flexibility.

 the solar system
You can get the solar system for Homemobile also as a mobile part, so that you can build it up at any time if necessary.

The differences between a campsite and a 5-star luxury resort are noticeable. On a camping vacation, you have to make one or two sacrifices and are primarily responsible for yourself and your family. For this, the trip with the camper is also more familiar. Nevertheless, there are things that can spoil a camping vacation. In addition to bad weather, an unsightly location or unpleasant neighbors, the lack of electricity can also dampen the vacation mood. But you don’t want to do without one or two luxuries. Life without electricity? Unthinkable! You need it for cooking, watching TV, for lamps and for many other things. Isolated campsites are prepared for this emergency by offering special filling stations for electricity. However, this is very troublesome and time consuming.

What is a solar power system for RV?

Under guarantee, you’ve seen solar panels for RVs before. Many modern campers have already equipped their travel vehicle with a solar system. The reasons for this are quite obvious. Through these devices, you are freer, more unbound and no longer have to worry about a missing socket or a power outage. But what exactly is a solar installation for the camper.

A solar system for the camper is, loosely speaking, apparatuses which produce electricity from solar energy and pass it on to the camper. They can be compared to the widely used solar systems for houses. In contrast to their “big brothers”, however, the solar systems for mobile homes are somewhat smaller and less powerful. As a rule, said systems, which consist of a solar module, a charge controller, cables as well as mounting material, are installed on the roof of the desired motor home. From there, the system can convert solar energy into electricity, store it in batteries, and use it to charge the motorhome’s electronic devices.

For whom is a solar power system for motorhomes suitable?

If you like to go on camping vacations and have your own motorhome, a solar power system for motorhomes is definitely worthwhile. However, you must also be a sun worshipper. The sun is the central element for generating electricity. So if you only travel with your RV in the fall and winter months, a solar system makes little sense. Worthwhile is a solar system for motorhomes when traveling during the summer months, stays abroad in the South and Mediterranean region or vacation destinations far from civilization.

How does a solar installation for motorhome work?

The primary task of a solar system for the camper, as already mentioned, is to convert light into energy. With light is meant here primarily the sunlight. This shines onto the solar panel, where the desired electricity is generated by the process of particle charging. The success of the solar system is therefore dependent on the respective solar radiation. The better the solar system is oriented towards the sun, the more electricity energy is generated.

In the next step, the power is passed on to the charge controller. From there, the energy is distributed and stored by the battery. The respective acceptance and delivery of the current to the respective electronic devices varies from model to model. You can find out more from the manufacturer or in the outdoor market of your choice. With some specimens, you can immediately access and use the power when the battery is fully charged.

What are the different types of solar systems for RVs?

Rigid solar system

The rigid solar system for mobile homes is the most common type. Such an apparatus usually has a solid metal frame and is attached to the roof rail. This circumstance guarantees that the solar panel is always sufficiently supplied with air. The more cool air, the higher the electricity production. Rigid solar panels can be removed without much effort after the vacation.

Flexible solar system

A flexible solar system, as the name suggests, is characterized by an elastic panel. Unlike the rigid solar panel, you can’t simply and conveniently attach it to the frame on the roof of your RV. You have to glue this solar panel. This has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, these types of systems are effortless to mount on the roof. As easy as the mounting is, as difficult is the disassembly. Observations have shown that the flexible solar systems are difficult to detach from the roof. Another criticism is the lack of airflow. The flexible solar panels are glued directly to the car roof. So no air can get to the panel and power generation takes more time.

Solar case

It doesn’t always have to be a bombproof fit. If you only want to use a solar panel for RVs every now and then, then a solar suitcase is the perfect solution for you. This can alternatively also be titled as solar bag. Unlike the solar systems just mentioned, this type is not permanently installed on the roof. On the contrary! You can build them the respective modules at will on the roof or next to the caravan. A big advantage of the solar cases is that you can align them directly to the sun. But where there is light, there is also shadow. The solar system is, as already mentioned, not fixed. So it can fly away or be stolen.

What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with solar panels for RVs?


  • Independence from the power grid
  • free and self-sufficient
  • Efficient and powerful
  • optimal operation
  • good for the environment
  • the solar panel on the roof has a nice effect and provides cooling in the car


  • Functionality depends on sunlight
  • Smaller models rarely generate enough energy
  • Only really useful in summer

What should I consider when installing a solar system for the motorhome?

Before the final installation of a solar system on your motorhome, you should consider isolated factors. If you want to mount the system on the roof, it is advisable to clean the roof of your motorhome and free it from all kinds of dirt. Next comes the actual mounting. The process depends on the type. A rigid solar system is screwed, while a flexible solar system is simply glued on. After your solar system is attached, you should connect your cable to the charge controller and attach your connection cable to the battery. Last but not least, it is important that you orient a solar system according to the direct sunlight. The better the solar radiation, the better the current charging. In isolated contemporary models, the system is aligned digitally.

Which dealers offer solar panels for RVs?

  • Offgridtec
  • Eider
  • Revolt
  • Bau-Tech
  • Renogy
  • Victron
  • Mohoo
  • Enjoysolar
  • Viasolar

What should I look for before buying a solar panel system for my RV?


What do you want your solar system to be able to do? Please consider beforehand how many watts your new solar system should have. The larger the RV, the more watts you’ll need. The wattage needed depends on the particular equipment as well as how long it will be used.

Solar cell module

Also with the modules of the solar cell you have the agony of the choice. You can choose between a monocrystalline or a polycrystalline solar module. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the polycrystalline solar products are somewhat cheaper, but only have a limited efficiency.

Bypass diodes

You don’t always have direct sunlight. Trees, branches or otherwise shaded areas have a negative effect on energy production. The parts in the shade can’t absorb energy, but continue to run at full speed, affecting the other panals. And that’s where bypass diodes come in. When bypass diodes are installed, the affected panels are shut down and the rest of the panels don’t have to suffer the effects of the shade.


As with all equipment, size is a factor in solar installations that cannot be negated. It is imperative to determine the size of the system before purchasing. The size of the solar system depends, of course, on the size of the roof of the caravan. It is of therefore important that you measure the roof of your caravan in advance once.


Of course, a solar system also weighs something. Before buying please make sure that camper and solar system do not exceed the maximum weight. Otherwise, it can be more expensive for you.


Make sure that the solar system can also be combined with your circuit. There is a distinction between a 24V circuit and a 12V circuit.

Questions and answers before buying a solar system for the motorhome

What will a solar system for my motorhome cost me?

The price of solar systems for RVs usually depends on the particular model as well as the desired wattage. For a solar system with 100 W you have to calculate between 300 and 500 euros.

Where can I buy a solar system for my motorhome?

Solar panels for motorhomes are not uncommon nowadays. They can be retrofitted quite easily and conveniently. You just have to go to the outdoor store or camping outfitter you trust and choose one of the offered copies. Alternatively, you can of course also go on the Internet in search of a solar system. Some relevant sites and shopping portals always entice you with lucrative offers. Here, we explicitly refer to the manufacturer’s website. There you will find not only the actual object of desire, but also all relevant data and facts about the model. Of course, you can also order solar systems for mobile homes on All you have to do is select a solar system. You can then have it shipped effortlessly to your home.

Which devices benefit from the solar system?

First of all, the energy generated by the solar system charges the battery of the camper. The rest of the electrical appliances can access this. Whether it’s a blender, hair dryer, laptop or TV …. the solar system is there for all of them.

Can I also retrofit a solar system?

Yes, this is possible without any problems. Very few motorhomes are sold with an integrated solar system. The retrofitting itself is quite simple. It resembles a simple assembly.

How do I calculate the required wattage?

For the wattage you need, it’s important to know which devices you want to power and for how long. Then you need to divide the voltage of the devices by the voltage of your RV. The latter can be either 12 or 24 V. The voltage value of the devices themselves is usually indicated on the device.

How can I protect my motorhome from overcharging?

You don’t have to do that at all. The charge controller will do that for you.

What does the abbreviation Wp mean?

Wp stands for watts peak. It is the unit of measurement of solar systems. To be more precise, Wp defines the electrical power that is generated by 1000 watts of solar radiation per square meter.

What is important for electricity generation by solar systems on the motorhome?

In order to be able to convert solar energy into electricity with your solar system on the motorhome, you need, in addition to a solar system and a motorhome, a correct battery, solar modules, the cross-section of the cables and a charge controller.

Are solar power systems sold as a set?

Yes, solar systems are usually sold as a set. You don’t have to buy the individual components separately.

Which solar modules can I choose between?

You can choose between monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules. However, a look at the purchasing behavior leads to the fact that the monocrystalline variant is preferred. They have a better electricity yield per area.

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