The Sodastream Test: Refreshing, sparkling and an important source of life for the body: mineral water. But in order to provide our bodies with enough water every day, from early morning until late at night, we have to accept the eternal transport of boxes..

Or is that the case? Learn how you can use the water bubbler to turn the tap water you already have into a bubbling delight at the touch of a button. We have compared different sodastream tests for you, so you can choose the most suitable device for your home.

The Best Sodastream

Shopping tip: How to find the right sodastream in our comparison


The most important points

    • In Germany, we enjoy particularly favorable comfort: our tap water is so clean and drinkable that we can simply drink it whenever we want. In many other countries, people would enjoy this luxury.
    • As a brand, Sodastream has achieved what Tempo or Tesafilm have already achieved: The brand symbolizes a specific product. These devices are also called kettles, soft drink makers or drinking water kettles.


  • Discover how carbon dioxide is found in tap water in our comparison. Discover the practicality of screw-top bottles and use Sodastream syrup for delicious flavors.

The Sodastream Test

Not only because microplastics and PET bottles are all over the news and BPA has even been classified as harmful to health, we face a real challenge: bottled mineral water in glass is the healthier alternative, which unfortunately is not very practical in everyday life. The boxes are much heavier during transport and the glass bottles always run the risk of breaking into a thousand pieces in a bag or generally on the go.

Discover the advantages that devices generally enjoy in the Sodastream comparison. You will also learn what details of the equipment are practical in the streamers and how you can create delicious flavors withels a syrup.

Discover Sodastream as a water pearl with clever technology

The functionality of a sodastream is as simple as it is ingenious. Here, you simply fill the soda stream with regular tap water. As a rule, you can simply pour the water into one of the included Sodastream bottles, which is “sealed” with a pressure cap in the device.

Add carbonation to your water with Sodastream

There is a Sodastream bottle or a Sodastream cartridge containing CO2 in the column. Once the Sodastream is filled with a glass bottle and carbon dioxide, you can create a water bubble with a lever or by pressing a button.

The closed loop system ensures that a certain amount of CO2 is introduced into your bottle with the water. The gaseous carbonic acid is absorbed and bound by the still water, so you can quickly enjoy fresh Minderal water.

With most devices, it is possible to regulate the amount of carbonic acid that Sodastream releases into the water. So it’s not the Sodastream CO2 bottle that determines the level of bubbles, it’s you alone. Very subtle, medium, or sparkling – you decide how much the watermaker makes the liquid bubble.

You can also make your own delicious water with a syrup. Instead of carrying expensive soft drinks and soft drinks from the supermarket to the office, you can choose from the following classics:

    • Soft drink syrup for cola, cola light, orange, cola orange, lime


    • Elderflower, black currant, rhubarb and other floral sprays for the water bubbler.
    • Sodastream fruit flavor like cherry, pomegranate, etc. The special like Isotonic, Ginger-Ale or Energy


  • The Sodastream Free in different flavors without preservatives, colors, flavors and sweeteners.

The brand offers many varieties that you can buy online or in supermarkets. Instead of heavy boxes, you can use the convenient bubbler and syrup while the water flows from the tap.

Buying tip: Why soda stream power enriches any home?


With Sodastream, you can make mineral water anytime you want

Even if you do not want to give up mineral water from springs and soft drinks, such a device is an asset to any home.

When the soft drinks you bought are empty, you can always offer spontaneous visitors something delicious at the touch of a button with the watermaker. When the mineral water in the glass bottles is out on Sundays, treat yourself to the pleasure of not having to drink bland tap water with your own watermaker

Especially in the family, it is very practical and inexpensive to be able to make your own drinks in different varieties.

Especially with organic varieties, you can treat your kids and their friends to a fruity blend on hot days. By using your own water maker, with or without added flavor, you will benefit from the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages Sodastream


    • Produce mineral water at any time.
    • No more crate transport


  • Customized fizz
  • Avoids plastic waste

Disadvantages Sodastream

    • CO2 bottles need to be replaced regularly


    • One-time purchase price
    • The bottles must be cleaned yourself


In the various Sodastream reviews, it is often emphasized that you can save money with these devices. What we found in our comparison is that you save time above all, which gives you a better quality of life and gives you time for other things.

Tip: Before buying a sodastream, you should observe more than one month and record the time you spend providing drinks. Not only the purchase and grant, but also the return of the deposit must be taken into account. What is hardly noticeable in a single household, quickly turns out to be completely different in large families.

The best Sodastream will meet your needs.

With this brand, you can not only choose from many products such as Sodastream Crystal, Sodamaxx or Penguin. The water makers also differ even more clearly. Let’s briefly discuss the main points.


Choose the material of the water tanks wisely

While you enjoy beverage glasses and glass pitchers on a party table, you prefer unbreakable soda stream bottles in everyday life, especially on the road. Instead of using environmentally harmful PET bottles, use Sodastream plastic bottles without BPA.

Most units come with a replacement bottle, although you can buy more bottles separately. You can brew several liters, with or without syrup in the water sprayer, for the whole family.

Make sure the bottles are as dishwasher safe as possible so you don’t have to go through the extra hassle of daily cleaning.

The Sodastream Crystal stands out in many Sodastream reviews because it can also be used with Sodastream glass bottles. This means that you can use this kettle to produce extra healthy and environmentally friendly fresh mineral water.


Color and design play a subordinate role.

The streamer is available in many colors.

The manufacturer offers its various products in a wide range of colors, so you can choose the right model for your furniture. Stainless steel models are very durable as well as attractive, but accordingly they are much more expensive than plastic models.

In the various water spray tests, we could not determine the impact of the housing material on performance.

Consider the cost and performance of Sodastream cartridges

Many people first believe that they can save a lot of money by means of a cheap Sodastream offer. But no matter what kind of brand you buy, you have to buy small gas bottles or cartridges all the time at the Sodastream.

In practice, this shows that this type of water treatment is not necessarily cheaper than buying mineral water from a retailer. Before buying, be sure to check the replacement frequency of the empty Sodastream bottle. Since Sodastream bottles can be integrated into all of the manufacturer’s equipment, you can make targeted offers and store larger quantities.

The shelf life of bottles or cartridges depends on your particular consumption. The number of liters you get from a bottle of carbonation also depends on the amount of carbonation you add to your water.

The spare cylinder protects against total failure.

You should always have a spare cylinder. Most water bubbler cartridges last for 60 liters, as the devices do not have a level indicator.

At this point, we inform you that you can either buy new cylinders or have them refilled at a reasonable price. Many supermarkets and pharmacies are involved in the process.

Sodastream tests: which type should I choose?

A comparison showed that Soda Club and Soda Maxx and soda streamers of other varieties consistently perform well. The choice of the category you prefer always depends on the desired fizzy properties. For example, if you want to have only mineral water at home, Sodastream bottle with glass is a good choice.

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The glass bottles are easy to clean and without transportation, there is no danger here. A large bottle is therefore no obstacle, because it is in the kitchen or in the refrigerator. On the other hand, if you want to provide mineral water to your partners and children at work, at school, and during sports, you will hardly get around PET bottles. You should look out for practical bottles with a somewhat smaller capacity.

We have taken the results of various sodastreamer tests and compared the features of very inexpensive (about 50 euros) and expensive (up to 140 euros) sodastreamer models below.

Property Favorable bubbler Expensive bubbler
Glass bottles no yes
max. filling quantity 1 liter 1 liter
Dishwasher safe no partially
Dispensability CO2 medium very good


So before you buy Sodastream, we recommend that you carefully consider the features you really need and determine if they justify the cost and effort.

Cleaning the Sodastream – often without a dishwasher

When you make your purchase, make sure the bottles are dishwasher safe. All units that use glass bottles are much more convenient to clean, but they are also more expensive. Models with PET bottles, on the other hand, are usually less expensive, but should not be cleaned by machine.

Cleaning is necessary, otherwise germs and bacteria can accumulate in the bottles. Use warm water, detergent and a bottle brush. Rinse the bottles carefully so that the detergent does not reappear in the drinking water the next time it is bubbled.

Buy Sodastream

Water makers from brands like Sodastream bezieungsweise Soda Club turn tap water into mineral water in no time.

We can name the winner of Stiftung Warentest’s Sodastream test here, but unfortunately that won’t be very helpful. Unfortunately, the test dates back to 2001 and since then there have been many new models that have improved significantly in terms of features and performance.

At this point, however, we would like to draw your attention to a notice regarding the recall of certain types of bottles. Especially if you are thinking of buying a used soda streamer, you should avoid these bottles.

Are there alternatives to the Sodastream?

Fortunately, there is also a healthy competition in this field. In addition to Sodastream, you will also find sprinklers from well-known brands such as Soda Club, Kitchenaid and Rosenstein & Söhne. But also unknown manufacturers such as Levivo or Teisseire have achieved good results in various tests.

Important questions & answers about soda streamers


How often should I press the button

The length of time you need to press the bubble button depends on two importantFactors. On the one hand, this process differs from device to device, and on the other hand, pressing the button longer increases the intensity of the bubble. If you just want a little carbon dioxide in the water, press the button briefly.

Why is there too little carbon dioxide in the sodastream?

If you do not notice any improvement in the water, even if you press the bubble button several times, it means that the cartridge is empty. Replace the cartridge or cylinder and try again to see if there is any improvement. If this does not help, there may be a technical defect. In this case, please contact the manufacturer by phone or via the homepage.


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