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  • With misting glands you can provide a nice effect in your terrarium without causing water droplets. With rain glands, you can use larger water droplets, which will ensure that there is more water in your terrarium.
  • A sprinkler system for the terrarium is important so that you can provide your animals with a species-appropriate attitude and treatment. Too little water can cause the life of your animals as well as your plants to be threatened.
  • You can choose between a misting system or a sprinkler system. Therefore, you should look at which type of sprinkler system you choose.

Guide sprinkler system for the terrarium – What you should consider when buying

What is a sprinkler system for the terrarium?

In order to provide your plants and your animals with a species-appropriate husbandry, the irrigation as well as the humidity in the terrarium is important. This way you can make sure that your animals grow up healthy in your terrarium. There are some animals and plants that require high humidity. To maintain this, a sprinkler system is necessary.

You can use such a system not only to water the plants, but also to humidify the air in the terrarium.

How do you use a sprinkler system for the terrarium?

To use the sprinkler system for the terrarium, it is important to know which creatures need such a sprinkler system. If the humidity is too high or too low, it can lead to a life-threatening situation. This is especially important for reptiles, as they can get pneumonia, among other things, if the humidity is too high. If the humidity is too low, reptiles can get dehydrated. You can therefore assume that tropical and subtropical animals need a sprinkler system.


It is also important that you use the right water for the sprinkler system. Since the nozzles of such a system are very small, so that a fine rain as well as a fine mist can be produced filtered as well as fresh water is useful.

Are there alternatives to the sprinkler system for the terrarium?

You do not necessarily have to use a sprinkler system for the terrarium. Alternatively, you can keep your animals and plants moist by hand. Here, a spray bottle can be helpful. The advantage of this is that you can humidify specific zones in the terrarium. However, this is a laborious as well as time-consuming alternative. You can also use moss to provide a natural regulation of humidity. This also applies to the substrate.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a sprinkler system for the terrarium?

If you want to buy a terrarium, then you need some information to be able to keep the animals properly. So you can also choose between two types of sprinkler systems. However, not every system is suitable for every animal or plant. Therefore, you should look at enough information as well as the advantages and the disadvantages. They are these two types:

  • Rain sprinkler system
  • Sprinkler system for fog

Advantages and disadvantages of mist produced sprinkler system

This equipment is mainly used for humidifying the air. The production of the fog can provide a constant humidity. However, not all animals like a foggy environment. With fog, there is the advantage that it can reach all areas in the terrarium. But there are other advantages as well as disadvantages that you should consider:

  • Beautiful effect
  • Ideal living conditions for some animals
  • No water which is excess
  • Fast humidity
  • Even humidity
  • No adequate water supply
  • Loud
  • Humidity unstable
  • Breathing passages can become blocked
  • Ingestion of bacteria or germs

Advantages and disadvantages of rain produced sprinkler

The rain nozzle is also a sprinkler type that you can use. There are different nozzles that you can use. For example, you can make use of a sprinkler nozzle. This rain provides a species-appropriate and natural water supply for the plants and the animals. The drops are large enough so that they can not be absorbed by the respiratory tract of the animals.

  • Fast humidity
  • Natural
  • Constant humidity
  • Large water droplets
  • Sufficient watering
  • Bacteria and germs more harmless
  • Pests may develop
  • Clogging of the rain nozzles
  • Water distribution irregular
  • A lot of waste water

Questions and answers about sprinkler system for terrarium

Where can you connect a sprinkler system?

To connect a sprinkler system is possible different methods. For a correct installation, it is helpful to read through instructions or watch instruction videos. Basically, you just need to fill the tank with water, connect the nozzles to the hose and attach it to the inside of your terrarium using a suction cup. Then you have to take the hose out of the terrarium and connect it to the sprinkler system. Finally, you need to connect the system to the mains and start it.

How often do you have to water the terrarium?

The frequency always depends on the animals and the plants. The higher the humidity should be, the more or stronger the terrarium needs to be watered. In addition, there are some animals that require less humidity during the day and a lot at night. It is therefore important to activate the sprinkler system when your terrarium inhabitants need it. Therefore, it may well happen that this runs several times a day.

Is there a timer for the sprinkler system?

It is possible to run a sprinkler system at specific times. This is helpful so you don’t have to constantly remember to check on the humidity. You can use the timer to always water your terrarium at a specific time as well as regularly.

Can germs and bacteria be eliminated from the water?

To avoid them you need to clean the water tank regularly and change the water. It is important to clean the sprinkler system at least once a week. The water itself you should change daily.

Which purchase criteria are important?

For the sprinkler system, you should consider some purchase criteria. These are:

  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Effort of assembly
  • Loudness
  • Flexibility

How expensive is a sprinkler system?

When it comes to cost, it depends on which model you choose. A classic sprinkler system costs between 50.00 euros and 170.00 euros. With a fog machine you can count on acquisition costs between 20.00 euros and 50.00 euros. If you only need a humidifier you can expect costs between 20,00 Euro and 50,00 Euro.

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