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A LED work light is best suited as an alternative to the ordinary bulbs. If you are a professional builder or just like to do home repairs, this product is perfect for you.
In our “LED construction light test“, we present you various products and go into their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we give important buying tips that you should definitely consider before buying.

The most important compact

  • LED construction lights are offered wired on a tripod or battery-powered.
  • Compared to a halogen spotlight, an LED spotlight produces more light and is usually considered five times more efficient than a halogen spotlight.
  • For the lighting of your craft work LED spotlights are ideally suited.

Guide: What you need to know about LED work lights

Who needs an LED work light anyway

If you’re doing renovations, repairs or construction work, you’ll find your happiness with an LED work light. The device ensures that the work surface is well illuminated. Moreover, if you are a professional in construction, you can also make good use of a spotlight with LED lamps. This tool is very important and is used in many situations.

How many lumens should a good work light LED have?

Lumen is an indication regarding the number of light in a given unit of time. That is, it is indicated how much light a light source emits. As a rule, it is quite sufficient if a work light can provide 4,000 to 5,000 lumens. Furthermore, lumens is not an indication of light color, because the light color of LED floodlights can range from a pure white to off-white.

Should I get a portable spotlight or a portable spotlight?

Here, it all depends on what you plan to do with the LED spotlight. If you want to be able to work practically in different places all the time, you should go for a portable spotlight. However, if you want to constantly repair something only in your home, then a spotlight with a tripod is quite enough.

What LED construction lights are there and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

We basically distinguish between three types of LED work light: wired LED work light, wireless LED work light with battery and LED work light with tripod.

The wired LED work light and its advantages and disadvantages

Such work lights are known for being relatively inexpensive. You can simply place them on the floor with the power source connected and you have achieved a relatively good illumination.


  • Compact
  • Bright illumination
  • Can almost not fall


  • Less suitable for constant change of location
  • A constant power source must be available
  • Vertical placement options are somewhat limited

The wireless LED work light with battery and its advantages and disadvantages

The LED lamps are becoming more and more economical and rechargeable batteries can absorb more and more energy. In this way, this technology is becoming more and more popular. In addition, you are not tied to a power source and can work regardless of location. Above all, such devices offer high mobility


  • Mobile
  • Practical and lightweight
  • Useable without power source


  • Limited useful life
  • Vertical placement options are somewhat limited

The LED work light with tripod and its advantages and disadvantages

A work light with a tripod is very practical and offers incredibly good stability. If you want the light to shine from the top down, the tripod will be 100% affordable. If you need to work without shadows and in a particularly bright atmosphere, then these devices are made for you.


  • Very bright
  • Stable
  • Lighting shadow-free
  • Angle of illumination from above possible


  • Difficult to move
  • Expensive

How to compare LED work lights

There are some buying criteria that are definitely worth comparing with each other. We present you the most important buying criteria in our opinion.

  • Luminous flux and energy output
  • Power supply

Luminous flux and energy performance

In general, you will find between LED lamps that have an energy consumption between 20 to 30 watts. Here we are talking about a light output of 2,000 to 3,000 lumens. These are good values, but expensive work lights manage a light output of 8,000 lumens with a consumption of 100 watts.

Power supply

Here you need to pay attention to how you want to use the device. If the device is to be used only at home, you can work with a power source and buy a wired device. If it’s going to be a portable device, then you’d better go for battery power or the rechargeable ones.


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