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Is the ice cream machine a sensible purchase? Children and adults love to eat it. Especially in summer it is a delicious snack to get a little cooling. Ice cream popular everywhere and in every age group. But not everyone wants to eat the ice cream that you can buy in stores. Many find it better to be creative and try out their own special ice cream flavors. This is where an ice cream maker can come in handy. So that you can also use an ice cream maker in your household, you need to decide on a model. However, this can be difficult due to the high number of models. For this reason, you can find a buying recommendation ffor ice machines. Likewise, you will find a ice machine guide, which shows you the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you can find the right kitchen appliance for yourself and prepare delicious ice cream.

We present you here the best ice cream machines. We have summarized the useful tips that can help you find the best model for you. Likewise, you can see the different features of this kitchen appliance.

We did not conduct our own tests, but compared other portals. If there was an ice cream maker test at Öko Test or Stiftung Warentest, you will of course also find this in our article.

Ice machines test – These are the best ice machines

Ice maker guide – what you should know

Important things about ice cream

Ice cream is popular with every generation. Likewise, there are no limits to preferences here. Ice cream has also been very popular for many years. Even the ancient Romans have not been able to do without the frozen food.

However, the preparation has changed a lot. Thus one understood in former times under ice frozen water. This then had flavors added, such as ginger or lemon. Today, however, you can find different flavors as well as consistencies

The more modern the technology, the better the cooling process. In 1843 you could see the first ice cream machine. Here you still had to operate the machine by hand. Likewise the cooling consisted of ice. Only 8 years later the milk got into the ice.

The more time passed, the better the cooling process became. In 1876 there was the first refrigerating machine. Industrially, the egg has been produced only later.

Which types of ice machines do you have to choose between?

Ice machines can differ between the different features. However, you can find the biggest difference in the function. Some devices have an integrated cooling unit others, however, work with a compressor. In a device with a cooling unit, you can not prepare the ice cream directly. You have to put the ice cream mass into the freezer compartment first and cool it down there. In an ice cream maker with a compressor, you can cool down the ice cream mass directly.

The ice cream maker with compressor

Through the compressor, you can cool the ice cream mass directly down to the right temperature. So you can cool it down to -38 °C, depending on the model. Usually there is a stirring arm in the middle of the device. This ensures that the mass is always evenly distributed and therefore cools evenly.

The time saving should be mentioned as a clear advantage here. You can prepare ice cream with this kitchen appliance not only quickly, but also unproblematic and spontaneous.

The ice machine with cooling unit

With these models you have lower acquisition costs but the preparation of ice with this device takes longer. You must expect that the preparation can take up to 24 hours.

You can only put the ingredients for your ice cream in the ice cream maker when the cooling unit is completely cooled. Then you put this cooling unit into the ice cream maker and stir the mixture. Then you need to put the unit back into the freezer.

Since such an ice cream maker can take up a lot of space in your freezer, you should check if your freezer has enough space before buying it.

These are the advantages of ice cream machines

There are obvious advantages, of course, such as being able to make your own ice cream. But there are other advantages as well:

    • Determine ingredients yourself
    • Always have ice available
    • Quick preparation
    • Creative desserts

As can be seen from the advantages alone, ice cream machines are well suited people who can not eat ice cream from the supermarket. Particularly concerned here are people with food allergies.

What is the appropriate purchase cost for an ice cream maker?

Price differences you can also find in ice machines. Thus, some models can already cost less than 50.00 euros. Even if such a low price suggests that the quality suffers, this assumption is not given. You do not have to doubt the functionality as well as the quality even with these models.

You can already find expensive models between 150.00 euros and 200.00 euros. Here you usually have better and more modern technology. You can also benefit from more accessories and many more features. Before buying, you should consider which features are important to you.

What points should you consider when buying an ice cream maker?

If you want to have an ice machine at home, then you should not directly take the first model that catches your eye. The different models decide between different features. Through the features you can make a better comparison of the different kitchen appliances and thus better decide on a device.

The dimensions

This is one of the most important features if you have me little space in your kitchen. You should also look at how much space is in your freezer.

The processing

By looking at the workmanship of each component of the ice cream maker, you can determine what quality of ice cream you can expect.

The capacity

With the capacity, you have to decide for yourself how much ice you want to prepare each time.

The way it works

An ice cream maker with a compressor costs less, as already mentioned. However, an ice machine with a cooling unit is more practical in use and handling.

The volume

It is logical that an ice machine always makes a noise when you want to prepare ice. However, it should be a tolerable volume. However, for an ice machine with a compressor, you should pay attention to the operating volume before buying.

The duration of preparation

In the preparation time it also always depends on the amount of ice cream. As a rule, you can prepare ice with an ice machine within 20-40 minutes. There are also devices with integrated cooling. Through these you can save a lot of time.


Cleaning is very important in an ice cream maker. However, it is clear that you prefer easy cleaning. Especially if you want to use the kitchen appliance more often.

What accessories do you need for the ice machine?

Of course, the ice cream maker will do most of the work for you in preparing the ice cream. However, with accessories you can enjoy the numerous possibilities. Many manufacturers already offer some accessories in the scope of delivery. In other cases, you can buy accessories separately.

For example, a silicone spatula can help you. With this you can get the ice cream out of the ice cream maker better. By using a silicone spatula you won’t leave any scratches in your new ice cream maker. You can also clean it easily. An ice cream scoop can also be a useful accessory. This will allow you to take out the right amount of ice cream and also serve it up nicely.

A cream piping bag can also be useful for some people. So you can garnish the ice cream with cream.

How do you clean and maintain your ice cream maker?

You need to clean an ice cream maker after each use. In some models, you can remove individual parts and even clean them in the dishwasher. However, you can’t rely on that. This means that with many models you have to clean the individual parts by hand.

You must always make sure to use a mild detergent when cleaning by hand. Especially since some food residues cannot be removed with water alone. The parts that do not come into contact with food can be wiped with a damp cloth. However, you should always read the user manual before cleaning. This way you can make sure that you don’t make any mistakes and that your ice cream maker will last for a long time.

Before you use the ice cream maker for the first time, you should clean it. So you can remove dirt, dust and odors ahead.

How long is homemade ice cream durable?

The advantage of homemade ice cream is clearly that you can choose the ingredients. However, you can use some preservatives, which makes the ice cream durable. So you can keep homemade ice cream for about a week in the freezer.

For this reason, it is very important that you choose the right size ice cream maker.

From which manufacturers can you find ice cream machines?

You can find the different models of ice machines from numerous manufacturers. With the wide selection, you can also find ice machines from the following manufacturers:

  • Klarstein
  • Krups
  • Unold
  • Bosch

What alternatives can you use instead of an ice cream maker?

You don’t have to resort to an ice cream maker to make ice cream, of course. So you can also mix ice cream by hand. Once you’ve stirred long enough, you can put the mixture in your freezer. This alternative is possible, but it is a laborious alternative. Thus, you won’t be making ice cream frequently if you use this option.

If you own a food processor, you can upgrade it. There are accessories that you can use for this purpose. So you can quickly assemble an ice cream maker. There are of course two other simple alternatives. You can resort to an ice cream from the supermarket or visit an ice cream parlor.

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