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If you want to train at home, it is worth buying a gymnastics bar. This gives you the opportunity to train directly from home. You can use the bar both indoors and outdoors.

In this big gymnastics bars test ([wpdts-month-name]/[wpdts-years]) we present you different gymnastics bars and make sure that you make the right purchase decision. In addition, we answer the most important questions about this fitness equipment.

The most important things compact

  • The gymnastics bar is a very famous gymnastics equipment, which has been used for decades for training. Mostly it is made of wood or steel.
  • You can use gymnastics bars indoors and outdoors. Nowadays there are bars for gymnastics reels and for door frames.
  • There is the possibility that a horizontal bar is purchased or combined with a wall bars. In this way, a simple bar becomes a flexible piece of sports equipment.

What you need to know about gymnastics bars

What is a gymnastics bar anyway?

With a gymnastics bar, you can perform various fitness exercises and keep fit this way. Ups and downs are very popular but also pull-ups are a good exercise you can do with this bar. Should you train regularly with a gym bar or horizontal bar, you will achieve quick and visible results.

How much money should you budget for a gymnastics bar?

The price range for this training equipment is very wide. After all, there are various entire frameworks that consist of bars and cost significantly more than ordinary gymnastics bars. Gymnastic bar made of V2A stainless steel costs between 15 and 40 euros. Pull-up bar for the door frame costs between 20 and 85 euros. A single bar with wooden mounting costs between 70 and 200 euros. A double bar with wooden mounting costs between 80 and 280 euros. The most expensive fitness equipment from this area is the outdoor climbing frame with various equipment. Such equipment costs between 1,000 and 4,500 euros.

Where can you buy gymnastics bars?

You can buy bars in various fitness stores. In addition, you get a wide selection offered on the Internet. Herewith we would like to list you some online stores, which have gymnastic bars in your offer:

  • eBay.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Obi.co.uk
  • Tolymp.de
  • Intersport.co.uk
  • Turnbars.com
  • Wickey.co.uk

Compare gymnastics bars and see advantages and disadvantages

Here we distinguish between three different types, and they are gymnastics bars for the garden, gymnastics bars for the door frame and gymnastics bars for the gymnasiums.

The gymnastic bar for the garden and its advantages and disadvantages

You can quickly convert such bars into a single or double bar. Besides, you can leave them in your garden and use them any time you get the urge for fitness again.


  • Available in various designs
  • Possibilities of combination and use are great
  • Does not rust
  • Can be extended to climbing towers


  • Rust can form on the mounting
  • Can be very expensive
  • Long construction

The gymnastics bar for the door frame and its advantages and disadvantages

You can use this as a kind of pull-up bar and install it directly in your room. Everything you need you have in front of you – namely your door frame and the fitness equipment. Mostly, such bars can withstand a weight of up to 400 kilograms.


  • Soft soft grips
  • Easy to assemble
  • High load capacity
  • Training from home


  • Tracks remain on the door frame
  • Little space available
  • Often can’t be drilled

The gymnastics bar for the gym and its advantages and disadvantages

This device is often used in school gyms. The bar is mounted on wall bars or horizontal bars. In this way, professional training is made possible.


  • Many possible combinations and uses
  • Professional training is possible


  • Not available to individuals
  • A lot of space is needed

Worth knowing facts about the gymnastics bar

Which alternative is best for a gymnastics pole?

There is actually no direct substitute for a gymnastics bar or horizontal bar. You can basically use gymnastics bars in combination with various other gymnastics equipment to achieve the best possible training results. For example, a single or double bar can be perfectly combined with a dip bar. This way you can train your back, abdominals and triceps in the best way. Basically, you can do many different exercises with a horizontal bar, even outdoors.

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