A Furminator should not be missing in any dog or cat household. Since the article is used almost daily and has already made many cat and dog owners happy, the investment is worthwhile in any case.

To make the decision easier for you with a purchase recommendation, we have tried to find the best products.

Likewise, we have summarized a Furminator guide. If available, we also show you videos or test reports. We also show you important information that you should consider before buying a Furminator.

What you need to know about the Furminator

The animal is dear to us. The majority of Germans share their living space with a dog or cat. Pets are an enrichment. They are the ideal cuddle partner, give you their boundless love, accompany you at every turn and teach you important lessons in loyalty and responsibility. However, you as a master or mistress should also give something back to your fur noses. The keeping and care of a pet is linked to one or the other task. In addition to feeding, walking or cleaning the toilet, regular fur care also plays a role that should not be negated.

The right coat care for your four-legged friends is important

Dogs and cats are known to spread their hair everywhere in the apartment. You’ll have to vacuum and sweep several times a week. As a result, it’s not uncommon for you to lose valuable time that you could be spending with your beloved dog or cat. But help is at hand. The solution to your problems is called “FURminator“. This is, casually said, a practical brush for dogs and cats. Pet hair brushes are a dime a dozen. The pet shops are full of them. However, research on the living object has shown that the Furminator is best suited for this task.

Regularity pays off

Regular and correct use guarantees shiny fur, a healthy pet, less hair in the home, and easy and convenient grooming. However, simple brushing is often not enough. An optimal coat care includes continuous brushing, combing and grooming. The coat brush of your choice should of course be matched to the coat of your dog or cat. In all these matters, the Furminator can provide you with good services. The all-rounder among the animal brushes can be used for short- or long-haired animals. We would like to introduce you in the following the Furminator once more exactly.

What exactly is a Furminator?

A Furminator is, as already mentioned, a practical brush for the care of dog or cat fur. The primary task of the Furminator is the gentle and painless filtering out of the undercoat. Your pets will not be negatively affected by its use. On the contrary! Many fur noses even get pleasure and relaxation from using the Furminator. During the process, the brush makes its way through the animal’s top coat. This is neither injured nor otherwise affected.

The dead or loose undercoat of the animals is easily removed thanks to the Furminator. You can think of the process as similar to a magnet pulling out the excess tufts of hair. The use of a Furminator is associated with many benefits for the animals (and, of course, their owners). Thus, the fur brush removes excess hair and reduces the risk of matting to a minimum. Your furry nose enjoys the best of health and you no longer have to chase pet hair all day. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

How do you use the Furminator?

Grooming your dog or cat is a process that you should incorporate into your daily routine. Some routine as well as a fixed time can be very important for you and your pet in this process. Observations have shown that the evening is the best time for daily grooming. It is important for the animal that these moments are associated with rest and a place of well-being. This allows it to fully relax and find grooming enjoyable. It is a wonderful and also intimate moment between man and animal, which should not be destroyed by the wrong use of the fur brush.

The fur care itself usually takes only few minutes. Before the actual procedure, you should inspect your dog or cat’s coat for injuries, inflammation, ticks or other irregularities. Next, the furminator comes into play. This usually consists of a grip surface and a brush head. So you can grip the brush well and safely and remove the excess hair and wool quite gently and painlessly. Crucial for successful coat care is that you always apply the Furminator in the direction of growth of the coat. A different approach could be associated with pain and discomfort for your pets.

Furthermore, you should also approach the matter quite loosely and carefully. Do not apply pressure or force when brushing. This applies primarily to sensitive areas such as the abdomen, legs, genitals or anus. Thanks to the integrated Skin Guard skin protection, this step is also very easy for you.

It’s done. Your dog or your cat are freed from glazed hair and wool residues. Now it goes to the cleaning of the Furminator. For this, you just need to press the push button and remove the hair from the comb or brush.

What types of Furminator are there?

Every dog or cat is different and has a different size or length of coat. For example, grooming long haired dogs or cats turns out differently than short haired specimens. For this very reason, there are also different Furminatoren, which adapt optimally to the type of coat of your darlings. In the following, we would like to introduce you to the respective types once briefly.

Double brush

The double brush is ideal for daily coat care. It combines the advantages of 2 brushes in one product. For example, you can detangle and untangle your pet’s coat. The other side of the brush, on the other hand, leaves the pet’s coat wonderfully shiny after use.

Pull Brush

The plucking brush is a must-have for every dog owner. Especially breeds with a silky or wiry coat benefit from the use of the plucking brush. This loosens annoying tangles and knots and makes the fur of your pet beautiful and supple again.


Matted fur on dogs or cats is not uncommon. These, of course, need to be remedied. And that’s exactly where the Unfilzer comes in handy. Thanks to its adjustable length, you can optimally reach and remove all knots and tangles. Your four-legged friends will not even notice this process. The Unfilzer can be used on both short and long haired dogs or cats. The only important thing is that the fur of your favorite is not wet.

Rake comb

The rake comb penetrates even the densest “fur” and is the mortal enemy of all knots and loose tufts of hair.

Brooming comb

Brushing or combing alone is often not enough. If you love your pet, you’ll groom it with Furminator’s currycomb. The currycomb has rubber nubs. These give your four-legged friend a pleasant massage and make the fur nice and shiny.

DeShedding Tool

The DeShedding tool is the best seller from Furminator. The application removes almost all loose hair in the undercoat. It does not negatively affect the tight hairs and the top coat.

What should you look for when buying a Furminator?

The advantages and disadvantages of a Furminator


  • Non-slip grip surface
  • fits well in the hand
  • small, lightweight and compact
  • can be conveniently stored
  • high-quality workmanship
  • Gentle removal of all loose hairs and tufts of wool
  • Firm hair or fur are not negatively affected
  • Animals do not suffer any pain during application
  • Easy to clean
  • protective strip prevents “accidents”
  • suitable for dogs and cats
  • Various variants for different types of fur
  • cheap to purchase
  • easy to use
  • stable


  • Somewhat problematic for animals with very short coats during the acclimation period
  • Caution is advised!
  • Strictly follow the instructions for coat care

Type of brush

Before you get a Furminator, you should decide on one of the various types and styles. Which type is best for you and your pet? Do you only want to remove tufts of hair, or should your darling also be pampered with a soothing massage. Each type of brush adapts perfectly to the requirements and needs of your dog or cat.


This criterion is primarily relevant for dog owners. Dogs come in a wide variety of sizes. For this very reason, you as an owner can also choose between different sizes for the fur brush. The offer ranges from XS – XL. Smaller dog breeds of course need a smaller brush, while for larger animals a larger copy is advantageous.

High-quality material processing

A fur brush for dogs and cats should be used daily. A high-quality material finish is from therefore the be-all and end-all. Fortunately, this premise is fulfilled at Furminator. This company clearly focuses on the well-being of animals and their owners. For this very reason, only high-quality materials are used for the production of the respective brushes. The tines are made of stainless steel. This fact makes them very stable and resilient.

The safety of the animals has also been thought of. For example, the brushes are equipped with an integrated protective strip made of antibacterial plastic. The fur of the animals can not be injured or damaged during use.

Easy to use

The quality of a fur brush stands and falls with the application. In any case, the combs and brushes must lie well in the hand and be easy to handle. This is also the case with Furminator. All items are quite easy and convenient to use, suitable for beginners and a benefit for both pet and owner.

Problem-free cleaning

The cleaning of a fur brush is also again a case for itself. Not infrequently, the loose hairs spread throughout the apartment and you may again reach for the vacuum cleaner. Furminator has also thought of this. The combs and brushes are very easy to clean thanks to an integrated push button. Hair or other impurities can be removed without much effort and disposed of in a trash can. The Furminator itself can also be easily cleaned under warm water.

Where can you buy a Furminator?

You want to treat yourself and your four-legged friends once again something good? Then you are exactly the right person for a Furminator. The practical fur brush pampers the fur of your pets, frees it from loose hair and makes it shiny again. If you have decided to buy a Furminator, there are several places where you can buy one.

Your search for a suitable Furminator for you and your pet ideally starts in a pet store. At Fressnapf and Co. you will find what you are looking for. Due to the continuously increasing demand, the most popular Furminator models are in stock there.

Alternatively, you can also order your Furminator on the Internet. But be careful! The manufacturer’s webpage is only for information about the respective products. An integrated online store is not available. But this should not worry you now. Relevant web pages such as amazon.de, zooplus.de or idealo.de offer the fur care brushes. There you can easily and conveniently order the model of your choice and have it delivered to your home.

Knowledgeable facts about the Furminator – questions and answers.

For which animals is the Furminator suitable?

The Furminator is primarily aimed at dogs, cats, horses and other small animals.

Are there special products for puppies or small kittens?

Yes, there are. The product “My Furst Groomer” is aimed very specifically at young animals. Grooming with this item is quite soft and gentle. In this way, the little rabbits are easily and conveniently introduced to the subsequent fur care.

How often should I brush my dog or cat?

Dogs or cats should be brushed daily. Depilation, on the other hand, only needs to be done once a week.

Does Furminator only offer brushes?

No. The company also has various shampoos and dry sprays for dogs and cats.

How can I recognize a fake Furminator?

The Furminator enjoys great popularity among dog and cat owners. It is precisely for this reason, unfortunately, many copies are also in circulation. These are often very unstable and short-lived. Moreover, you can even hurt your pet with these plagiarisms. The “real” Furminator can be recognized by a few decisive features.

We explicitly refer to the patented push button, the protective stainless steel edge and the ergonomic handle. Furminator takes massive action against these copies. If you suspect that you have bought a fake product, you should not continue to use it. You can send it to Furminator and indicate where you bought it. The company will check it and take further action.

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