Food processor

The food processor is a useful “all-rounder” that should not be missing in any kitchen. The food processor is versatile and combine the functions of a mixer with a bowl. They can also be used as a kneader to knead the dough. Some food processors are dishwasher safe and have a splash guard. This significantly reduces the amount of cleaning required.

In addition to capacity, the volume of the bowl is one of the factors that determine the quality of a food processor. But you should also consider the equipment and accessories when buying a food processor. To help you find the food processor that best suits your needs, our Food Processor Comparison ([wpdts-month-name]/[wpdts-years]) will help you make the right buying decision.

These kitchen machines experts recommend

The most important compact

  • Kitchen machines are reliable helpers for small and large kitchen tasks that arise in everyday life. They combine the functions of a mixer and a mixing bowl and can be used especially as a dough mixer.
  • In addition to size, weight and power, individual technical features and ease of use also play an important role when buying a mixer.
  • To keep the kitchen as clean as possible during the use of the machine and minimize the cleaning effort, many food processors are equipped with splash guards and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

What should you look for when buying a food processor?

Many food processors today are authentic and versatile, allowing you to complete a variety of kitchen tasks quickly and easily. With these machines, you can mix dough, cut, grate or squeeze vegetables and fruits, grind grains, nuts and other hard foods, make your own pastes and ice creams, and even cook certain foods.

In addition, the devices of different manufacturers also differ in terms of technical equipment and materials, and some are equipped with practical accessories. The offer is huge, and in 2019 you can also read countless tests of kitchen machines. Our buying tips should therefore help you find a personal winner in the comparison of kitchen machines.

Construction and function of a food processor

The basic design of the food processor, like the various test models, is nothing more than a mixer and a mixing bowl. The advantage is that the mixing bowl and tools are driven by a motor and thus rotate automatically.

Therefore, the food processor is very practical, especially as a kneader for kneading dough. In addition, many manufacturers have equipped their food processor with additional functions that allow them to perform many other kitchen tasks. Below is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the machines:


  • Saves space as one device replaces many
  • Rubber band
  • many functions


  • Not all functions are really necessary.
  • The functions cannot be used at the same time.

Buy a food processor online: What to look for?

If you want to buy a food processor or even an online multicooker, it’s not just the features that should play a role in your choice. A comparison of the different models quickly shows that these food processors also differ in size, weight and performance.

Other important categories in the relevant tests of food processors are the technical features and ease of use of each device. Finally, people who want to make their food processor visible to guests on the kitchen counter also attach importance to a beautiful design.

Dimensions, weight and capacity

When ordering a food processor, you can choose from a variety of sizes. Which model suits you depends on the amount you want to process with the machine. Basically, however, you can say:

  • A two-liter kitchen is usually sufficient for individuals and couples.
  • For families with children, a machine with a volume of three to four liters is ideal.
  • For particularly large households are available food processor from five liters.

Note: It is not recommended to buy kitchen utensils with an extra large bowl just because you need them only once or because they are the best kitchen utensils in the test. Many utensils work optimally only if they are filled to the minimum capacity. Therefore, small portions are often difficult to process in large food processors.

Food processor, in addition to their capacity, also differ from other food processors in size and weight. Therefore, when buying a food processor, it is important to check whether there is enough free space. A device that is stored in a cabinet when not in use, should not be too heavy.

Large food processors weigh ten kilograms or more, so they are not as easy to place on the counter as small models. Heavy appliances, however, have the advantage of staying in place even with mixed heavy weights, while lightweight models can easily move around the counter.

If you plan to place your appliance permanently on a counter, a sturdy food processor is a good choice.
The power of most food processors ranges from 300 to 1800 watts (you can find these values in various tests of food processors). Machines with low power are sufficient to mix dough or drinks. However, for intensive work such as kneading yeast dough, grating hard cheese or grinding cereals, a more powerful motor is required. In this case, it must have an output power of at least 1000 watts.

In addition, food processors with high output power usually need a more powerful motor than a smaller motor. This is the only way to process large quantities.

The principle of the motor is as follows: The greater the capacity of the mixing drum, the greater the power of the motor must be.

Direct-drive food processors are an exception. They are particularly efficient and therefore require a less efficient motor. The frequency of use of the machine is also important for the power: if only one dough is baked from time to time, a model with a less powerful motor is sufficient. A food processor that is used daily or even several times a day must have a powerful motor.

Material and design

The body of the food processor is made of metal or plastic. A plastic appliance is inherently lighter than a metal one, so it is highly recommended if you want to keep your food processor in a kitchen cabinet.

However, most people prefer food processor made of stainless steel and other metals, so the appliances are permanently placed on a countertop because of their aesthetics. White plastic appliances, on the contrary, look more practical and sober. They are available from a price of 30 euros, while the cheapest stainless steel device costs about 75 euros. Combinations of plastic housings and stainless steel trays are also available.

Technical equipment

An important criterion for comparing kitchen machines is the technical equipment of the various devices. Here, the mixer plays a particularly important role in the control of kitchen machines. Practical accessories also facilitate the work and storage of the food processor.


The planetary mixer prevents the dough from sticking to the edge or bottom of the bowl.

The mixer has a decisive influence on the quality of the dough and other foods. A pestle that simply spins in the middle of the bowl would cause the dough to be thrown over the edge of the bowl and not be processed.

Therefore, food manufacturers invest a lot of time and money in developing good technologies and equip their equipment with a planetary mixing system or a 3D mixer. These technologies imitate the movement of the hand guiding the mixer to the different parts of the container to mix all the ingredients evenly.

In the 3D mixer, the mixer rotates around itself and around the center of the container. These two axes of rotation are diagonal to each other and therefore have a three-dimensional effect.

The planetary mixing system is based on planetary motion. The center of the bowl represents the sun and the drummer represents the earth. Like the Earth, the drummer rotates in an elliptical orbit around the center of the bowl and revolves around itself. The dough is constantly pushed inward from the edge of the bowl so that all the ingredients mix well.

Despite all this technology of the best food processor, a spatula is often useful as the dough is transported from the edge to the inside of the bowl.

Kitchen equipment with integrated scale

The noble Kenwood KM 086 can also be used for cooking, for example, with jam or hollandaise sauce.

The classy Kenwood KM 086 can also be used for cooking – for example, jam or hollandaise sauce.

If you like to cook, a food processor with integrated scales is extremely convenient. With these machines, it is not necessary to weigh the various ingredients, but they can be placed directly into the mixing bowl.

Ideally, the integrated scale should be equipped with a tare function or an additional weighing function so that the display can always be reset. Without this feature, you will need to add more ingredients to your existing scale.

Kitchen appliance with automatic cable drum

The automatic cord reel is handy if you want to store your machine in a cabinet when you’re not using it. You can also use a food processor with a cable compartment to store the power cord.

Both versions are also suitable for appliances that are placed on a countertop. In this case, just let part of the power cord disappear into the cord compartment.


The high-speed baking machine is also suitable for the production of egg whites.

The higher the speed of a food processor, the more it can handle different and even delicate foods. Again, we found significant differences between the machines of different manufacturers and our food processors.

Some food processors only allow you to choose between two speeds, while others have ten. Other user-friendly features include a timer and special programs.

Number of maintenance

Whether you need a multi-pole processor or not depends largely on how much work you want to do with the device. Mixing the dough only takes two to three steps, because that’s all a hand mixer usually has.

On the other hand, if you want to equip the machine with many accessories, it should have as many steps as possible, so you can adjust the speed according to the feed. In some devices, these adjustments can be made with a dial, in others with a cursor. Even more convenient are the controls that allow you to select the programmed program with the switch.

Special functions

In many recipes, the slaughtered protein should be added only for a short period of time. The stroke function makes this work easier. It automatically stops the machine after two and a half revolutions of the tank. For other manufacturers, this function has a different name. For example, it is called when Braun food processor are on and when Siemens food processor are on.

With the so-called pulse function, the machine runs at maximum speed as long as the user presses the corresponding switch and stops immediately after release. It is suitable for food that you want to process only for a short period of time. With the pulse function, you can cut nuts, almonds or herbs for a short time, for example.

Food processor with timer

A food processor with timer is useful if you often produce food that needs to be removed a little longer. With this timer, you can easily set the desired time and focus on other things. It is better to hear an audible signal after this time. So you can not forget which foods need to be processed in your food processing equipment as soon as possible.

When buying a food processor, make sure that the orders are located in an easily accessible place. This makes it easier to use and allows you to quickly shut down the machine when needed.


Kenwood kitchen machines – equipment

Kenwood Chef Titanium and Kenwood Major are among other food processors that come standard with a blender. The food processor Kenwood Chef Titanium was awarded by Stiftung Warentest as the fifth best appliance in the food processor test (version 10/2010). In particular, it has proven its ability to carry loads.

In the basic equipment of food processors there are big differences between different brands. Some of them equipped their machines from the beginning with a lot of accessories, others with a simple whisk and a baking hook. With well-known kitchen machine manufacturers, you can later buy accessories as mixing accessories that cost between 30 and 60 euros, depending on the manufacturer, and thus expand your device more and more.

However, this is usually not possible with kitchen machine offers with discounters. Although they are often equipped with many accessories, you should take a closer look so that you do not miss any important equipment for yourself in the future.

Another advantage with a branded device is that the accessories often fit the following models. If your equipment needs to be replaced at some point, you can buy a simple model with some accessories and continue to use old mixers and accessories. When it comes to spare parts and repairs, brand-name manufacturers often offer better service. In particular, wear parts, such as blades for continuous slicers, can be ordered many years after you purchase a food processor.

In addition, many kitchen machine manufacturers equip their appliances with practical cookbooks. For example, kitchen machines can be obtained particularly many recipes with information on how best to process the ingredients in the machine.

Cleaning and maintenance

In most kitchen machines, accessories such as cake hooks are dishwasher safe and can therefore be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. However, accessories usually need to be cleaned by hand. This is where the quick clean function comes in handy. Splashes on the housing are best wiped off with a damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild household cleaner.

White plastic housings and additives can easily discolor due to the colors contained in some foods. To avoid this, Braun food processor manufacturers recommend wiping stains with a cloth and cooking oil before cleaning the accessory or housing manually or in the dishwasher as usual.
Some blenders can also be used to crush or grind ice cubes. However, the blades are not always suitable for this purpose and may be dull due to high loads. Therefore, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Balance Mix accessory is useful when you want to mix several ingredients in a certain ratio.

Also note the capacity of the mixing cup. One liter to one and a half liters should already be treated.

Important functions of a food processor

.Another important point when reviewing food processors in general are the features of each machine. Many tools and accessories are now available for many food processors. To find the right machine in this region, you must first consider what foods you want to produce with your new machine.

Food processors with mixers, whisks and dough hooks

A simple food processor looks like a hand blender in its function. The advantage is that it is not necessary to hold the mixer. Therefore, the dough ingredients can be added to the mixing bowl one by one, while each time you need to turn off the hand mixer and set it aside. Cooking machines are also suitable for foods that should be mixed for as long as possible.

Even the simplest models are usually equipped with a mixer, a whisk and a dough hook. Mix the dough with the mixer and foods such as pudding or scrambled eggs. Heavy dough can be processed with a hook, which can also be found in bakery machines, and the use of a snow compactor makes the dough particularly aerated.

Kitchen machine with continuous slicer

Vegetables can be sliced or chopped with an electric slicer.

If you want to slice, dice, chop or grind vegetables into thin strips, you need to order a food processor with a continuous cutter, an electric slicer or upgrade it with accessories.

A continuous slicer is usually equipped with some slices or accessories to cut vegetables to the desired size, as well as fries from fresh potatoes. It has a cap with a feed spout through which vegetables are fed into the machine. The cap is used to press the vegetables onto the slices.

Kitchen machine with a blender

If you want to make your own cocktails and other drinks, it is recommended to use a food processor with a blender attachment. The blender attachment is also suitable as a soft fruit crusher, such as strawberries, and for soups that do not contain solid ingredients, such as potato soup or baby food.

It is also possible to use a separate mixer like the Kitchenaid Mixer. The Kitchenaid mixer, like the Kitchenaid mixer cooking appliances, is made in many colors and can therefore be combined in color.

Kitchenaid mixer with emulsifying discs

The emulsifying disc is particularly suitable for making whipped cream, beaten egg whites and mayonnaise. It is made of plastic and rotates the ingredients instead of mixing them. If this accessory is missing, you can also use a whip.

Food processor with meat grinder

Thanks to the meat grinder, the robot can also be used to make mince.

With the meat grinder it is not only possible to grind meat or spinach. The meat factory can also be used for baking cookies on many household appliances, such as Kenwood food processors. With the simple cookie cutter, you can press the dough into the desired shape and place your cookies directly on the baking sheet.

The mincer can also be used as a sausage stuffer. In Kenwood food processors, the shredder can also be equipped with a drum grater. With this addition, you can cut, grate and grate nuts, chocolate, cheese, vegetables and fruits.

The food processor with pasta maker

You can prepare your own pasta with an appetizer for the food processor. Some manufacturers combine this pasta accessory with a meat grinder, others offer special pasta accessories for this purpose.

In addition, it is necessary to distinguish between accessories that allow you to make pasta directly from the mixed dough and those that allow you to first roll out the dough and then cut it into strips. The latter are also suitable for making lasagna.

Kitchenaid also offers a pasta dryer for your processor to hang pasta in to dry

Cooking machines with citrus presses

If you are one of those who like to drink freshly squeezed orange juice, a model citrus press like Jamie Oliver’s food processor is certainly interesting. You can also use this tool to squeeze other citrus fruits like lemons and limes.

The Jamie Oliver food processor was developed by Philips. Philips is also suitable for mixing, kneading, blending, grinding and chopping fruits and vegetables.

Connect the citrus juicer to your food processor, use the power of the motor and squeeze the juices faster.

Kitchen equipment with centrifuge

A press is used to squeeze the juice out of the fruit. Usually it is only necessary to wash the fruit, because by pressing the juice, the sieve prevents cups and small seeds from being crushed. However, you must first remove hard peels such as pineapples and large seeds such as peaches.

Food processor with grain mill

With a grain mill, you can make your own flour and use it to make bread, muffins, or other foods. These mills are also used to grind legumes, buckwheat or corn because the grind can be adjusted in several steps.

Food processor with an ice cream maker

You can use a food processor with an ice cream maker to make ice cream.

You can even make ice cream with an ice cream maker. Some manufacturers offer special bowls for this purpose, which can be replaced with a mixing bowl and a special mixing element. Accessories for making ice cream with a food processor are available for Kitchenaid.

Multifunctional machines

Some food processors are connected to an induction cooktop or electric heating coil so that ingredients can be cooked as well as cut into pieces. These appliances are often referred to as multifunctional machines. The Vorwerk Thermomix model has long been so popular that the term Thermomix is often used as a synonym for this product category.


The main materials used in food processors are metal, plastic and glass. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, so your taste plays an important role here.


The metal housing is extremely durable, but also has the disadvantage of being very heavy compared to plastic processors. Therefore, to continuously place such a machine on a work surface from a cabinet can be very cumbersome. In the case of metal cans, some manufacturers use stainless steel, others use aluminum castings and other metals.

Mixing container

Mixing containers are usually made of plastic or stainless steel. Both materials are durable and easy to clean. Plastic bowls have the advantage of making less noise when working as the whisky or dough hooks move around the edge of the bowl.

Another variant is the glass bowl, in which you can always see the dough and other dishes. This makes it easier to see when to turn off the machine.

Mixing platform

Some manufacturers use plastic for mixing accessories, while others use glass. Glass absorbs less unpleasant odors than plastic and does not discolor when you process food with a very intense color. But, of course, it has the disadvantage of being heavier and easier to break. If you want to use an aperitif mixer for puree soups, you must also make sure that it is resistant to high temperatures.


Various tests on food processors have also shown that plastics, metals and combinations of both materials are used in the manufacture of accessories. For metals, most manufacturers prefer stainless steel because it does not rust and is easy to clean in the dishwasher.


When testing food processors, we also take a closer look at the safety of each appliance. The following section deals not only with the safety of the person using the food processor, but also with the technical precautions to be taken to prevent damage to the equipment.

Automatic shutdown

Ideally, a potential winner of a comparison food processor should have overload protection and automatically shut down when the motor overheats due to excessive load. In this way, the total loss of the motor can be avoided.

To avoid overload, some food processors, such as home appliances, are also equipped with a soft start function. They gradually increase the speed until the set final speed is reached. This not only protects the motor, but also prevents water splashes.

Stop function

Some food processors also have a stop function. This safety feature ensures that the mixing element will not rotate until the bowl is properly started. In addition, some appliances automatically shut off when the cover is removed. This is especially beneficial when mixing liquids, as they can be easily removed from the container once the lid is removed.

In the case of food processors with folded mixing arm, the mixing tool stops automatically to prevent injuries, and the kitchen is not dirty.

Suction cups

With lightweight plastic models, the machine can slide on the work surface when doing heavy work, such as kneading dough. To avoid this, many manufacturers equip their food processors with suction cups or rubber feet.

Blade guard

The blade guard has two functions at the same time. This prevents injuries and ensures that the blades are not damaged during storage. This ensures that the blades always stay sharp and work well when cutting food.

Purchase options and manufacturers

.You can buy a food processor in any store in the house. The advantage of buying such a machine on the site is that you can see more accurately.

If you know this well in advance when comparing food processors, there is no reason why you should not buy a food processor online. Many online stores can offer appliances at a lower price than city stores, because they do not have to bear the costs associated with the store.

In addition, appliances are easier to find and compare online. Here is a list of the main manufacturers in the field of kitchen machine control.

Kitchen Machine Manufacturers

  • Bosch
  • Moulinex
  • Siemens
  • AEG
  • KrupsK
  • enwood
  • Brown
  • Klarstein
  • Vorwerk
  • Philips
  • Clatronic
  • WMF
  • Jamie Oliver
  • Kitchen Aid

Common appliances

In our comparison of food processors, we discovered several particularly popular models. Some are very functional, others visually appealing or particularly affordable. Many of these food processors also convinced Stiftung Warentest in a comparison of food processors.

Bosch MUM

The Bosch food processor MUM is produced in the series MUM4, MUM5, MUM6 and MaxxiMUM. One of these food processors is a comparison winner in Stiftung Warentest and Bosch appliances are also several times at the top of the Amazon ranking.

The MUM4 series also includes the model that Stiftung Warentest named the winner in the home appliance category in October 2010, and which was one of the best-selling models on Amazon.

It comes standard with a blender, dough hook, whisk, mixer, meat grinder, mincer, meat grinder, and continuous blade with three discs for slicing, grating, and shredding, and can be expanded with other accessories such as an ice cream maker and a meat grinder. The included accessories can be stored in the accessory holder.

The MUM5 series is interesting for those who want to add a little color to their kitchen and appreciate the beauty of design. Bosch has already won design awards such as the Product Design Award and the Reddot Design Award for many of the food processor in the series.

Bosch food processor in this series are available in many different colors. They are usually equipped with a 900 W motor, a stainless steel bowl for up to two kilograms of dough and come standard with several kneaders, endless blades and a mixing accessory.


MUM6 series models are suitable for large families and lovers of cooking and baking. They have a large container with a volume of 6.2 liters, which can mix more than four kilos of dough.

Because of this large bowl, they have a double mixer, while smaller models are usually equipped with a single mixer. The standard equipment of the MUM6 includes a mixer. However, this model can be supplemented with other accessories.


Bosch MaxxiMUM series home appliances are equipped with particularly powerful motors with a power of 1600 W, which makes them suitable for continuous operation. You can do a lot of work in the kitchen with these appliances, as they have more than 120 different functions. MaxxiMUM even thinks for itself, because it automatically turns off when the cream in the container is hard.

Kitchenaid cooking machines

Kitchenaid models with Kitchenaid Classic and Kitchenaid Artisan are beautiful kitchen machine with retro look.

Kitchenaid Artisan is available in a wide range of colors, while Classic is only available in white. Both models can be equipped with many accessories and are even suitable for ice cream, ravioli, tubular pasta, sausages and many other dishes.

However, the basic equipment includes only a whisk, a dough hook and a whisk, and there is no blender for this food processor. If you want to prepare your own drinks, you will need an additional blender or kitchen mixer. A kitchen faucet in the same color as a food processor is nice and makes the kitchen a little nostalgic.

Despite the relatively low motor power of 275 or 300 watts, Kitchenaid appliances are very efficient because they have a direct drive. It ensures low energy consumption, so Kitchenaid appliances score multiple points in tests of kitchen machines.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Kitchenaid produces its kitchen machines and faucets almost exclusively from metal. Kitchenaid mixers and food processors are therefore heavy and sturdy. Kitchenaid Classic weighs just under 11 kg and Kitchenaid Artisan ‘XL’ weighs 14 kg

Moulinex kitchen machines

Moulinex food processor are slightly cheaper than other food processor. All variants of Masterchef Gourmet and Masterchef Compact are equipped with a lot of accessories and can be equipped with a citrus press, meat grinder, meat grinder, mincer, chopper, grinder and blender, if not already included in the basic equipment.

Moulinex food processor are therefore particularly interesting for people who want to use all the possibilities of a food processor.

Siemens food processor

Siemens kitchen machines include particularly compact food processors. They facilitate the exchange of the mixing bowl with the mixer, while in most other devices the mixer is placed on the cover.

Unlike other food processors, this conversion is an easy to fill foot mixer, which is especially beneficial for small people. Siemens offers its food processor in plastic or stainless steel housings and offers them a wide range of accessories even in the basic version.

Silvercrest food processor

The Silvercrest food processor is often available at discount stores and is one of the least expensive appliances that fits well as a basic model. With this machine, you can blend, knead, slice, grate vegetables and fruits, and mix drinks or purees in a blending accessory.

The Silvercrest processor blender is also great for crushing ice cubes. The splash guard in the bowl prevents the batter from swirling, but the opening in the lid allows more ingredients to be added during mixing. The Silvercrest food processor also includes an accessory holder that can be easily mounted on the wall, so all accessories are always within reach.

Our food processor comparison will help you find that best food processor for you. Here’s a summary of all the questions you should ask yourself when trying out a food processor if you want to buy a food processor online:.

  • What functions should the machine perform?
  • How often should I use it?
  • What material should it be made of?
  • Should the machine stand on a counter or be stored in a cabinet?
  • Does design play an important role or do I place more emphasis on functionality?
  • Do I need special additional functions, such as an integrated scale?
  • Do I attach importance to proper handling and the resulting expansion options or do I also consider kitchen machines to be good value for money?

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