We know how difficult buying tools can be, especially for the inexperienced. When it comes to electric staplers, the task is even more difficult. That’s why we’ve made a small selection of the best electric staplers on the market, taking into account criteria such as popularity, ratings and user reviews

The most affordable stapler

Einhell TC-EN 20 E is a stapler for staples type 53 and nails type 48 with a visible magazine stand and a soft ergonomic handle. It is suitable for all types of materials such as fabric, wood and sheet metal. It is one of the best rated and most affordable staplers on the market and is available with 500 nails and 1000 staples.

The most powerful electric stapler

Bosch Elektrotacker PTK 14 EDT, 1000 Klammern, Karton (30 min-1 Schläge, Nägel: 14 mm, 1,1 kg)*
Bosch Elektrotacker PTK 14 EDT, 1000 Klammern, Karton (30 min-1 Schläge, Nägel: 14 mm, 1,1 kg)
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The Bosch PKT 14 EDT stapler is a powerful and versatile tool that works with type 53 staples (height 6-14 mm) and type 58 nails with a diameter of 14 mm. It has a speed of up to 30 strokes per minute, an easy-to-fill drawer for 100 staples and a DuoTac function that allows up to 2 staples per stroke. 1,000 staples are included in the price.

The most practical electric stapler

Bosch Akku Tacker PTK 3,6 LI (Integrierter Akku, 3,6 Volt, 30 Schläge/min, in Metalldose)*
Bosch Akku Tacker PTK 3,6 LI (Integrierter Akku, 3,6 Volt, 30 Schläge/min, in Metalldose)
Prime  Price: € 54.95
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If you’re looking for a functional product that doesn’t have a cumbersome cord, the Bosch PTK 3.6 LI seems to be the best choice, as our customers confirm. Equipped with a 3.6 V, 1.3 Ah lithium-ion battery, this electric stapler weighs only 800 g. It uses staples with a width of 11.4 mm (model 53) and a height of 4-10 mm and manages up to 30 strokes per minute.

The best price-performance ratio

The ETM1004 nail gun and cap is small and quiet. It has a comfortable, ergonomic handle and a recoil damping system. Its weight of just over a kilo and its 2-metre cable make it practical and portable. It is clearly a powerful and good value product, although it is not suitable for very hard materials. The price includes 400 drill bits and 100 nails.

Buying advice

After reading this chapter, you will know what electric staplers are, how they work and how to use this useful and versatile tool. Stapler at workThe number of strokes per minute indicates how many staples the tool fires per minute.

What is an electric stapler and how does it work

A stapler is a gun-shaped device that runs on electricity, although the name does not make it clear that it is an electric stapler. To use a stapler, it must be powered by a battery or plugged into a wall socket with a power cable.

The motor of an electric stapler usually moves a slotted plate, a metal hook, a roller and a triangular cam. When the trigger is pulled, the entire mechanism described above moves and pushes the selected fastener.

What are the different types of search and what is the difference between them?

There are three types of search. The fact that there are different types means, of course, that each is designed for a particular application or to deal with particular materials. Therefore, it is particularly important to know how the different types of staplers work and what the differences are between them. The three types of staplers are:

The first type of stapler is an easily recognisable model because its appearance is very simple. However, some people find it difficult to distinguish between pneumatic and electric machines.

Which type of stapler is most practical?

Portable staplers are not usually included in these discussions, as they are smaller devices intended for use at home or even in the office. As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to distinguish between electric and pneumatic models as these devices are very similar in design and operation

The power should logically match the type of work being performed, from the simplest to the most demanding, including industrial work.

Pneumatic staplers are powered by compressed air, while electric staplers are powered by electric motors. Regardless of the power source, the best model is the one that provides the necessary power and performance for the job. We can still recommend you to buy an electric stapler if you want to do moderate and undemanding tasks around the house. Manual sewing machines are certainly cheaper, but they are not suitable for these tasks in the long run as they take more time and lead to fatigue.

Which tasks should be done with an electric sewing machine?

As we have already noted, electric sewing machines are an attractive tool because of their ease of use and power supply. Another very positive feature is the versatility of some models, which can also use nails. This feature is especially important for more demanding projects such as home renovation or fence building. With this tool, stapling several staples per minute is easier and much faster than with a suitable hand tool. In addition, the staples are stapled evenly because the same pressure is applied each time the trigger is pulled. Electric staplers are ideal for the following tasks:

There are electric staplers that run on batteries or a power cord

What are the risks of using an electric stapler?

With any electrical device, there are risks and dangers, and if the user uses it irresponsibly, those chances increase exponentially. With electric staplers, the biggest risk is that the stapler or nail will pierce and seriously injure you or another person.

At the end of the day, it is safe to say that it is virtually impossible to kill someone with a stapler

With large industrial staplers this will be very difficult. However, the situation changes when you use a stapler as a staple gun. Although the size of the broken nail is very small, the damage can be much greater. Therefore, several occupational health and safety institutes and international building and home improvement associations such as OSHA, NIOSH, ISANTA and INSA have developed international safety standards to follow when using these tools.

What precautions should you take before using an electric stapler?

While accidents are most often associated with the use of pneumatic staplers and nails, many people think that the only people who can get hurt with electric staplers are those who are not paying attention or are extremely clumsy, but this is wrong! On average, two out of five people are injured by these devices. To avoid this, there are several measures you can take, including:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric staplers?

Electric staplers can make an already simple task even easier. If you have one of these devices at your disposal, you can get the job done faster and more accurately. But all that glitters is not gold, as it has its drawbacks. In this table we look at the main advantages and disadvantages of electric staplers:


  • Easy to use
  • Hard to handle
  • Safety mechanism
  • Capable of working with nails
  • Simplifies the work
  • Increased speed, accuracy and comfort


  • Requires a battery or electricity.
  • More expensive than handheld models.
  • Unauthorised use may cause injury.
  • Unauthorised use may result in injury.

Purchasing criteria

Even if they are not complicated devices, it is always useful to know the main features of electric staplers. Only then can you understand what the most important criteria are and what you should consider before buying. To help you choose the model that best suits your needs, we will describe them one by one


The first aspect you should consider is certainly how you will use the forklift. If you are only going to use it occasionally and only for small jobs around the house, a manual model will probably suffice. For other jobs, such as wallpapering, an electric model will make your life easier. However, if you want to use it frequently, for example in construction, a pneumatic stapler is ideal for you.

Electric staplers can make an already simple task even easier.

Staples per minute

Staples per minute is a measure of how many staples a machine can staple per minute. A good stapler can usually manage twenty staples per minute, with some models managing up to thirty.

Hammer staple function

This feature allows for greater versatility, because in this case the stapler has a dual function that allows you (in some cases) to forgo the hammer and achieve a more accurate result with less effort.

Good quality staplers usually have this feature. Remember, however, that you must take certain precautions when using the stapling function. A nail can be more dangerous than a staple and although the nails these devices rely on are usually small and not life-threatening, it pays to protect yourself and avoid accidents.

Staple and nail holders and sizes

There are different sizes of staples depending on the type of material they are used for. The size of staples you need depends on the type of stapler you need. Most universal models are suitable for 10 mm staples (narrow crown). The crown is the length of the visible part of the staple after it has been burnt into the wood. If your work requires it, you can choose a thicker staple. Remember that you can also drive nails with a good stapler. You can then decide whether to buy a special stapler or a multitool.


The capacity of a stapler determines how many staples or nails it can hold before it needs to be filled. This size is quite variable and therefore depends on how much convenience you need and how often you are willing to fill your tool shop.


Power supply

Electric staplers that use staples come with a rechargeable battery or a mains cable. Which one is best for you depends on your taste and your conditions of use. The cord provides a constant power supply, but this makes the stapler portable and cannot be used in places where there is no power outlet. Battery-operated staplers, on the other hand, are more portable and you can use them wherever there is no power outlet. However, these models can be more expensive because you have to buy batteries. They usually sacrifice power for portability.


Electric staplers can have different safety mechanisms. They may have a trigger safety, a push button or a safety lock. Remember that these tools can be dangerous. Therefore, these mechanisms can protect not only you, but also other people or children from injury.

Accessories included

When you buy your tool of choice, it’s always a good idea to have accessories with you. Staplers usually come with a range of staples of different types and sizes. If they are compatible, they may also come with nails and, in the case of cordless staplers, extra charging cables or batteries.


Electric staplers are now an essential tool for do-it-yourselfers, especially upholsterers and carpenters. A very positive feature of these tools is that many manufacturers have decided to include a nailing function in some models. Although this tool is not complicated or sophisticated, it can make your life easier, especially if you do your research and buy wisely. Electric staplers can help you work more efficiently, quickly, accurately and professionally. Always check the features of the model you are interested in before buying.

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