Kenwood Cooking Chef KM082 Kitchen Machine Review


Kenwood KM 086 Küchenmaschine (1500 Watt, 3 Liter, LC-Display) silber*
Kenwood KM 086 Küchenmaschine (1500 Watt, 3 Liter, LC-Display) silber
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This innovative appliance can prepare food by mixing ingredients as well as cooking. It is a multi-purpose appliance that can perform several tasks, just like a food processor, and can be described as very complete even with the basic equipment. It can also work at high, medium and slow speeds thanks to three special motor attachments, allowing it to fit up to 24 special optional accessories.

Its main function is to prepare sauces, first courses such as risotto, soups and purees, polenta and meat and, of course, desserts and jams. In fact, it combines the mixing of ingredients by a planetary movement with the induction cooking function, where the temperature can be regulated between 20° and 140°C.

Induction operation is much more efficient than conventional heating and cooking systems and saves a not inconsiderable amount of time. Food does not burn or stick because the planetary movement of the arms also removes food that would otherwise stick to the walls of the bowl. So all the ingredients mix better and you have more time for other dishes.


The motor has a power of 1500 W in the mixing and kneading function and 1100 W in the cooking function. Although the consumption may seem high, especially when cooking, it should be remembered that induction is a fairly fast and efficient system. It also avoids the use of an oven and a hob. kenwood machine km082 offers

The machine has 8 working speeds, 3 stirring speeds while cooking and a pulse function. It is also equipped with a digital display that has a dual function of timer and temperature control. So you can constantly monitor the different parameters and are always on the safe side. Thanks to these features, it is also particularly suitable for long and gentle cooking.

With its stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 6.7 litres, this appliance is ideal for anyone who has a family and doesn’t want to give up preparing healthy, home-cooked meals, even if they are a little more demanding.

For every occasion

The basic equipment includes 5 types of interchangeable arms: a steel wire whisk for beating, a leaf or K whisk for soft and creamy doughs, a dough hook for more substantial elastic and yeast doughs, a rubberised whisk that adheres perfectly to the surface of the bowl and a mixing system.

A lid with safety lock and a splash guard made of robust plastic are also included. And – very important – most of the removable accessories can be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher.

The die-cast aluminium machine body has a sloping head and can be lifted to facilitate removal of the blades from the planetary mixer and removal of the bowl; it is then locked back onto the base with a coupling lever that ensures maximum stability during processing.

A real chef in the kitchen

Even the basic functions just described are more than enough to promote this appliance, which is at the cutting edge of food preparation and cooking technology. Then there are the additional, diverse applications offered by the optional accessories.

In fact, another 24 utensils can be fitted in the machine body to optimise any type of work carried out in the kitchen on a daily basis. The motor body has three different attachments to connect the different accessories, depending on whether they need high, medium or low speed.

The use of high speeds (with a direct connection at the top of the motor head) is typical for mixers, whisks and complete food processors that chop, mince and knead. The juicer, centrifuge, slicer and coffee and herb grinder can also be used in this position.

If you connect the special rotary blades with their containers to the planetary movement, you can – at medium speed – prepare ice cream or peel potatoes, sieve flour and puree tomatoes by removing seeds and skins.

By connecting the accessories externally and parallel to the motor head, a low speed can be used for operations that require less friction without increasing the temperature. This is the case, for example, with the multi-plate mincer for preparing hamburgers and sausages, with roller graters and when cutting vegetables. And also grain milling to make flour from raw grain, flaking pasta for lasagne or making spaghetti and noodles or even drawing pasta.

But there is more. The different tools are in turn equipped with further specific accessories. For example, the pasta press has no less than 13 different bronze moulds to make as many types of pasta as possible, the mincer has an attachment to extrude sausages, the food processor has 6 individual cutting discs.

Numerous productions that would require specific operations and different machines can thus be carried out at once, following the sequence of the different recipes.

An example? You can prepare a homemade sausage without preservatives or additives. Just grind the meat in a meat grinder (with different plates for coarse or fine grain), mix it with salt and spices in a planetary blender and finally fill it into an edible collagen casing with the special attachment in the mouth of the meat grinder…. and it’s ready to grill!

Advantages of the Kenwood food processor

Disadvantages of the Kenwood food processor

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