Eyebrows are an important part of our daily make-up routine and so is the eyebrow pencil. With a little skill and a few brush strokes, you can create new accents that can dramatically change your look. Thin eyebrows give your face a serious and sincere expression. Thick eyebrows, on the other hand, make your face look childish and wild. Perfectly groomed eyebrows are associated with sophisticated catwalk looks. Brows that are easy to comb give your face a soft, natural look.

But how do you find the perfect eyebrow pencil, is there a difference between a high-quality eyebrow pencil and a drugstore pencil, and how can you make an eyebrow pencil last longer? In this article, we’ll show you what really matters.

How to get your perfect eyebrow

Step 1: Choose the right shade of foundation!

Whether you’re creating a whole new look or just highlighting your face, make sure you choose the right shade. Always consider your natural eyebrow colour.

If you have light brows, use a lighter pencil. We recommend light or grey shades. Eyebrows should always be 1-2 shades darker than your hair colour. If you use a highlighter or ombré, it is very important that you choose the darkest shade and colour your pencil accordingly.

If you have dark eyebrows, use a dark chalk to accentuate them. It’s important not to apply too thick a layer or the face will immediately look unnatural and stiff.

For red eyebrows, a light brown pencil is best. Preferably use a lipstick that matches your hair colour.

Step 2: Eyebrow pencil, gel or powder?

The second step is to choose the right product for your eyebrows. This depends a lot on your hair and skin colour, the fullness of your hair and the shape of your eyebrows.

The most important thing about eyebrow pencils is that they are as sharp as possible. This way you can accurately trace the different eyebrow hairs. It is important to be precise and not draw “lines”.

How to find the perfect eyebrow pencil 1
When applying eyebrow powder, you can also use a high-quality eyebrow powder. Eyebrow powder is particularly suitable for thin and light eyebrows.


A small brush is usually used to apply the powder. However, it is rarely used because it is too small and impractical. The powder should not be used on fine hair; it is more of a primer.

Eyebrow gel is especially good for very thick eyebrows that grow in all directions. The gel strengthens the hair and gives it a nice smooth shape. The gel is mainly used to emphasise the contours and not to colour the hair.

Before you colour the eyebrows, it is important to shape them by applying a small amount of wax or face cream.

Step 3: The final effect

If you’ve never used gel before, prepare your eyebrows. This will help them hold their shape much longer and won’t smudge as easily. You can use hairspray and a spray pencil, which you apply to a small brush and pull through your hair.

When your eyebrows are done, you can highlight them with a concealer to make the effect as transparent as possible.

Tip: A dab of highlighter under the brow bone creates a perfectly sculpted look.

Which eyebrow pencil should you use?

High-quality eyebrow pencils versus drugstore products: Is there a difference?

In other words, is there a difference between drugstore products and high-end products?

High-end products are those with big names and long-standing cosmetic manufacturers. Manufacturers like Chanel, Estée Lauder and Nars create new trends with their brow products that are copied by smaller, cheaper brands.

Medical products offer the same choice. They usually follow the American trends.

Of course, there are also high-end products that offer excellent value for money. In most cases, however, you pay for the brand and prestige associated with these companies.

Many make-up enthusiasts agree: yes, there is a difference, but it is so small that it is hardly noticeable.

How can I make my eyebrow pencils last longer?

Eyebrow pencils can dry out, stop colouring and even break. Just take a pencil and keep it on the cooker until it starts to melt. Only when it has cooled down can you test it thoroughly. After this procedure, your old eyebrow pencil will be as good as new and you can use it without any problems.

When the powder has dried, you can reapply it with a highly pigmented eye powder. It is very important that you use pure ethanol or a high quality lightening spray.


Finding the perfect eyebrow pencil starts with choosing the colour. It’s important to stay true to your hair colour and not stray too far from it.

Eyebrow pencils can be used to precisely draw the hairs. Powder can be used to create a nice base for the make-up, but it should not be too fine. Eyebrow gel is particularly suitable for thick eyebrows that do not need to be filled in, but only slightly highlighted.

There is little difference between high-end products and drugstore products. You can have beautiful eyebrows even on a slightly lower budget. You can recreate dry eyebrow pencils or eyebrow powders with simple DIY techniques: Then nothing stands in the way of beautiful, thick, raised eyebrows!

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