Mosquito repellent plug – to avoid mosquito bites


You know that moment when you’re lying in bed and mosquitoes immediately buzz around you? Most insect bites in Germany are harmless, but the constant itching the next day might not be. With a mosquito repellent, you can keep the pesky critters at bay and go to sleep without worrying. In the evening, you can […]

Kitchen Machine Kenwood KM082 Test Report – How Good Is It Really?

Kenwood K├╝chenmaschine

Kenwood Cooking Chef KM082 Kitchen Machine Review . This innovative appliance can prepare food by mixing ingredients as well as cooking. It is a multi-purpose appliance that can perform several tasks, just like a food processor, and can be described as very complete even with the basic equipment. It can also work at high, medium […]

How do you find the perfect eyebrow pencil?

Wie findest du den perfekten Augenbrauenstift

Eyebrows are an important part of our daily make-up routine and so is the eyebrow pencil. With a little skill and a few brush strokes, you can create new accents that can dramatically change your look. Thin eyebrows give your face a serious and sincere expression. Thick eyebrows, on the other hand, make your face […]

Bottle warmer test: these bottle warmers will keep you safe

bottle warmer

Bottle warmers are a quick alternative to the cooker and microwave to heat your bottle quickly and gently. With simple controls, the bottle is ready to drink in seconds. This is especially useful for young, inexperienced parents who often can’t feel the right temperature in the bottle. Our test of full size bottle warmers will […]

Fire extinguishers – which ones are there and which one do you need?

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can save lives. But even for small fires, it is important that you always have a fire extinguisher nearby. With so many of these, we want to help you decide which extinguisher is exactly right for you. In addition to information, we have also presented the classes in detail. Everything you need to […]

Dog goggles: They serve as protection against UV rays, wind and weather.

Dog goggles

The dog goggles are there to protect your dog’s eyes and help him see better. Whether it’s wind protection, UV protection or goggles, you need to know them. It all depends on what your dog needs. This dog glasses guide answers all your questions. It also includes the best dog goggles on the market. This […]

Camping blanket: With these camping blankets you can sit outside


Whether you’re going on a picnic, camping or to the beach, no one likes sitting on hard, dirty surfaces. But they don’t have to, because there are camping blankets for the great outdoors. With a wide range of features, shapes and sizes, they help you find your personal and comfortable spot wherever you are. With […]

Composters – with the right garden composter you get good soil


Composters can be open or closed (with a lid). Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages, which we describe in more detail below. There are different materials to choose from. Composters made of galvanised steel are particularly stable and durable. The decisive factors are capacity and size. The smaller the composter, the faster it fills […]