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Whether for floor renovation, tiling or furniture assembly – a spirit level should not be missing from a good do-it-yourselfer. The digital spirit level sets the standard even higher and enables even more precise work than ever before.

In our “Digital Spirit Level Test”, we go into the most important information about this tool and tell you what the main advantages and disadvantages are. In addition, we provide some clarity and ensure that you avoid making a bad purchase.

The most important compact

  • With the help of a digital spirit level, you can achieve significantly higher measurement accuracy than with a mechanical spirit level. Even deviations of less than 1 millimeter are measured.
  • Through the various functions, the handling seems very user-friendly. The acoustic signals help you to ensure that any inaccuracy is detected.
  • The prices vary greatly according to equipment, length and manufacturer.

What you need to know about digital spirit level

Why do you need a digital spirit level?

With the help of a digital spirit level, you can’t go wrong as a DIYer, in fact, you will always make everything neat and, most importantly, straight. The more precise measurement results ensure that you can align objects better. It doesn’t matter if it’s long or short, because the tool manages to measure regardless of the light. Another special feature includes the acoustic warning of the tilt guide.

How accurate is a digital spirit level?

The accuracy depends on the model. For example, laser spirit levels are slightly more accurate than classic digital spirit levels. Still, both tools achieve very accurate measurements and are perfectly adequate for ordinary home improvement projects. Should you be planning larger renovation projects, a digital level will definitely pay for itself.

Who should buy a digital spirit level?

If you’re doing assembly, construction or installation work every now and then, you won’t be able to get around a good spirit level. Furthermore, a spirit level also makes itself useful for everyday work, such as hanging a picture on the wall. Thus, every handyman and do-it-yourselfer absolutely needs a digital spirit level.

Purchase recommendation: how to find the right digital spirit level?

We distinguish between two basic varieties of spirit levels, namely classic digital spirit level and digital spirit level with a laser.

The classic digital spirit level and its advantages and disadvantages

This spirit level is used by most handymen and do-it-yourselfers. Whether building furniture, straightening a wall or laying tiles accurately – you always need such a digital measuring tool at hand. Furthermore, such tools are still equipped with some useful features.


  • Easy to use
  • Measurement results are very accurate
  • Acoustic warning signal
  • Lightweight


  • Takes a few seconds to calculate the tilt angle
  • Sometimes the sound is irritating
  • More suitable for smaller measurement areas

The digital spirit level with laser and its advantages and disadvantages

The laser spirit level is an improvement of the classic spirit level. Apart from a digital display, this tool is additionally equipped with spirit levels. The spirit levels ensure that the spirit level is aligned first. This tool then sends a beam of light and can produce measurements between 10 to 20 meters.


  • Measuring range is large
  • Visibility is increased
  • Measurement results are very accurate
  • Mostly equipped with a tripod


  • Alignment via dragonflies is complicated
  • It is difficult to align without a tripod
  • High initial cost

How you can compare digital spirit levels

We present you the most important points that you must consider before buying.

  • Measuring accuracy
  • Digital display
  • Lifetime

Measurement accuracy

The differences in measurement accuracy from an analog spirit level are very strong. The digital models can measure with an accuracy of less than one millimeter. Furthermore, most digital tools are equipped with a degree meter.

Digital display

The digital display is extremely important, because based on this, you can read all the measurement results and always know whether the piece of furniture is crooked or not. Some devices have two digital displays at once.


When it comes to service life, we are talking about the battery. When it comes to the battery, it is essential to make sure that it can hold as many amp-hours as possible. This way, you’ll make sure that you can work for a long time without a power cord. Also, you can opt for models with the AA batteries.

More facts about digital spirit levels

How much money should be invested in a digital spirit level?

The price range for such tools is quite wide. Thus, you can buy tools from as little as 20 euros up to 300 euros. We recommend staying in the range of 20 to 100 euros, because here the price is still realistic and justifiable.


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