We have taken a closer look at winding buckets ([wpdts-month-name]/[wpdts-years]) for you. By far the best among them is the Korbell M250DS model. This one is odor-resistant, can be operated with one hand, and can also be locked in place if necessary. It also has another advantage like serving only as a diaper pail: After using it as a diaper pail, you can continue to use it as a regular trash can.

By the time a baby is dry, it uses up a lot of diapers – and you have to throw them away. And you have to throw them away as soon as possible, because full diapers have the unpleasant property of giving off a rather unpleasant odor.

If you throw them in the trash can, the whole apartment will stink. Most trash cans are not really odor resistant. And running to the trash can behind the apartment or in front of the house for every full diaper is not very practical in most cases.

Of course, you can also put each diaper in a small plastic bag and tie a knot in it. This way, assuming there are no holes in the bag, the odors will be contained. The bag with the full diaper goes in the regular household trash. Many parents use the thin plastic bags that fruits and vegetables are packaged in at the supermarket. Lunch bags can also be used, and special diaper bags are available for purchase. However, this creates a lot of extra plastic waste.

Normal garbage bags and buckets can also be used to dispose of diapers

However, for most parents, buying a diaper bin will be useful and practical. The type also depends on your location. If you have a diaper pail on the balcony, it obviously doesn’t have to be as odorless as if it’s in the bedroom. The time it takes you to reach the garbage can and the frequency with which it is emptied are also determining factors.

These diaper pails are what experts recommend

Corbell M250DS

The Korbell M250DS is a pedal basket. It’s convenient because the lid opens by stepping on it, so you can put a diaper in with one hand. Odor is subtly controlled and there are scented waste bags. Despite a capacity of only 15 liters, it holds more diapers than some competing products.

Let’s start with the good news: You don’t have to assemble this diaper pail yourself. It arrives at your home completely ready to use. Plus, you don’t have to worry about attaching the trash bag for the first time – you can get started right away. Of course, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the M250D.

The M250D is designed as a pedal bin

.The diaper pail can be placed on the floor or on a dresser, depending on your personal diapering situation. The M250D is designed as a pedal bin, which means it can be used on the floor. However, in our test, we placed it on top of the lawn trimmer and operated it by hand instead of foot. This requires a bit more finger control because of the bin’s second flap, but it’s also quite manageable.

Once the large flap is open, you can drop the diaper into the bin through the other small flap with one hand. All the waste will stay there until you empty it. This may take some time depending on the size of the folded diapers.

The capacity is only 15 liters – the other bins in the test manage considerably more. However, we find the volume quite sufficient. After all, a larger capacity also means: more diapers that smell like their own foam for days. You can’t help it, because diaper waste stinks. And if you don’t want to faint when changing trash bags, the capacity doesn’t have to be infinite.

But emptying the trash cans wasn’t unpleasant at all. The trash bags that come with the purchase are scented, so you don’t smell much. This was much worse on some other models in the test. While changing a trash bag is the ultimate endurance test for many parents, which the M250D passes with flying colors, something else is much more important: knowing how many odors come out of the trash can throughout the day.

Here, too, the Korbell M250DS comes out on top, because it misses nothing. No drafts, no clouds of odors, even when filling new diapers, no unpleasant smells float in the room – a real boon for our noses. The resealable flap provides additional protection against unpleasant odors. During our pail test, two kids were constantly sneaking into the diaper pail. For them, it was clearly about understanding and testing how the pail works without us parents literally noticing.

Lockable tank lid

That doesn’t work for the Korbell, though, as we were able to lock it with a small plastic padlock. Don’t expect anything major, though, because with a little effort even small children can pry the valve open. But as a first measure against curious fingers, we give this lock a very high rating.

However, we are not quite as happy with the fact that the Korbell M250D requires its own trash bag or trash bag hose. It costs just under €10 and has a capacity of 240 diapers. According to the manufacturer, the trash bags are biodegradable. The advantage of the hose is that you decide when it’s full, so you don’t have to throw away half-full bags, which is not environmentally friendly. The Korbell M250D is equipped with a small integrated childproof blade that you use to cut the hose when you want to replace the trash bag. Reattach the bottom and you have a new trash can. This is done in seconds. The knot also saves waste, just tie a permanent and very small knot. However, this only worked moderately well for us in testing.

If you don’t want to use refill bags, you can use regular drawstring trash bags. It takes a little effort to put them in the diaper pail. With time, the trick is there, but we lacked the patience to do it. The not so easy handling is certainly due to the flap of the insert, which is supposed to prevent diaper odors. However, it can be removed when diaper time is over. All other diaper pails have now had their day, as they usually can’t be filled with small waste. The Korbell M250DS, on the other hand, becomes a normal waste garbage can and can stay in the house. The sleek design is not distracting in the bedroom or kitchen. The durability compared to the competition is another plus for us and makes the M250D the best diaper pail in the test.

Angelcare Diaper Pail

For parents who are sensitive to odors, the Angelcare Dress-up Diaper Pail is also a must-have. The purchase price is reasonable. If you want, you can put a good lid on the pail. There is no smell of leakage. However, you have to buy special refills because the pail can only be used with them.

The Angelcare Dress-Up diaper pail is an affordable alternative to the Angelcare Comfort diaper pail. Sure, we find the Dress-Up diaper pail a bit redundant, but if you’re in the mood for something special, there are many different covers available for very little money. However, this bucket cover option did not affect our test verdict.

What we like: the bucket stays sealed and the smell stays in. Even after opening and throwing away a diaper, nothing comes out. The closure is very tight, which is an advantage because even small children’s hands don’t stand a chance here. And the adults are happy that the room remains odorless.

Children’s hands can not open the seal

You can also put small items like wet wipes, tissues, cotton balls or anything else you want to get rid of in the diaper pail. Unfortunately, you may have to touch the lining of the pail in the process. This doesn’t happen when disposing of diapers, as their weight causes them to slide off on their own. For small items, you’ll have to give them a little push. For sensitive people, this can take some getting used to.

You also need refills for the Dress-up – and only for the Dress-up, as you can’t use refills for the Angelcare Comfort diaper pail. A refill costs on average about 7 € and contains 180 diapers. Again, you decide when the bin is full and where you cut the drain hose. The childproof blade slides easily through the foil, then you simply tie the end closed and the container is ready for use.

By the way, you have to prepare it for use first and assemble the container. What bothered us: The tray is not removable and does not fit in the original packaging. But maybe you won’t mind and you’ll be happy when you see the Angelcare Dress-up diaper pail after years of use.

Rotho Roll Bob

A durable, easy-to-use, one-hand bucket that won’t give off odors.
The Rotho Roll Bob certainly won’t win any design awards, but it can deliver when it comes to odor control and ease of use. Especially when your baby is still very small, you want to keep your hand with him while you remove the diaper. Which, in this case, works out in a fun way. Plus, you can use regular trash bags, which keeps the cost of control at a reasonable level.

The Rotho Roll Bob only scores limited points with its design. It’s simply a big, black bin that can be used for whatever household trash you collect. However, in our test, we found that it also collects diaper waste very well and doesn’t give off any unpleasant odors.

Very easy to use, just press the opening with one hand and drop the diaper, it works without problems. You can easily keep one hand on the baby and throw the diaper with the other. The sliding lid works without any problems. Any other small items that accumulate on the changing table can also be thrown into the basket. Whether wet wipes, ear swabs or cotton balls, the Rotho Roll Bob swallows them all.

Operation is child’s play

Using standard 30 liter bags reduces follow-up costs. We recommend using drawstring basket liners, which make disposing of diapers much easier. Finally, of course, it is not pleasant to empty the trash can at some point. Parents will be grateful if they can close the bag immediately after removal. Otherwise, it will smell really bad all over the room afterwards.

We do not recommend filling a 30-gallon bag to the brim, as this can take several weeks for older children. During that time, the smell will stay in the bucket, but if you replace the bag, you may not get any air.

Easy to clean

Of course, you have to watch out for very curious kids. They will move the lid up and down, and if they forget to put it back on, the smells will eventually escape. In our test, however, the basket wasn’t interesting enough; the kids only found it exciting to push it up and down twice and then give up.

Two other positive points: the Rotho Roll Bob is very easy to clean. By simply removing the lid, cleaning and disinfecting the bin is no problem. And when diaper time is over, it can still be used as a regular trash can around the house. It is durable.

Tommee Tippee Twist and Click

The Tommee Tippee Twist & Click requires refills, but impresses with its absolute odorlessness. Even after a few days, no diaper odor can escape. It’s very easy to use, and if you order a large pack of refills, the cost is affordable.

At first, we thought it was just another Tommee Tippee diaper box with a new colored lid. But no, the Tommee Tippee Twist & Click introduces a new idea: Instead of wrapping or sealing the diapers individually, the diapers are twisted by hand into a tube.

It works very well, spins smoothly, and was great fun for the kids in the family. They waited for each new diaper and spun the wheel until the diaper was no longer visible. Result: no diaper smell in the home, and we didn’t smell anything from the diapers.

When the pail is full or you want to empty the bag, just open the Twist & Click and cut the tube with the built-in childproof knife. Our tip: Don’t be too stingy, in our first tests we cut the end too short and it was no longer possible to tie a knot in the diaper waste. This made it much more difficult to transport the diaper waste.

What is not so good is that when emptying the diaper pail, all the carefully twisted diapers collide with each other. This is because the twisting is only done by hand. You end up with a bag full of diapers to carry up the stairs. If you go quickly, the smell won’t be affected. If you put them in the trash can a little later, it may be unpleasant for a short time because the smell is already well developed.

Twist & Click requires special refills

Twist & Click requires special refills. This is neither particularly environmentally friendly nor particularly economical. According to the manufacturer, the refills are made of 98% recycled plastic, but we could not verify this. At this point, we can only recommend buying a set of 18 cartridges. This significantly reduces the cost per cartridge from €7.33 to €4.94. Especially if you buy the Tommee Tippee Twist & Click for delivery, you can be sure that you will definitely need these cartridges.

What you should know about diaper pails

Ingenious entrepreneurs turned the diaper pail into a technological tour de force in the late 1990s: inside the Diaper Twister, now sold as Sangenic Tec, each diaper is hermetically sealed. Instead of the usual trash bag, a film is used with a layer of silver biocides that kills all germs.

However, the manufacturer’s business model is the same as printer manufacturers, who sell their devices cheaply and then charge customers for the printer ink: The garbage bag comes in the form of ink cartridges that are only good for one model at a time, forcing the customer to shove a lot of money down the manufacturer’s throat for consumables over the life of the baby diaper.

As with printer ink, there are now suppliers of diaper pail film cartridges that offer unbranded cartridges that are cheaper than the original cartridges. And on the Internet, you can find instructions with tips and tricks on how to refill high-tech devices with ordinary trash bags.

Refills are expensive in the long run

Many parents who bought a diaper pail with refillable wipes would not buy it again in hindsight. This is evident from many reports on parenting forums. These parents now know how expensive the set is. Others only use the high-tech parts for naps with the chair and throw the rest in the regular diaper pail for cost reasons. But who seriously wants to put two diaper pails in one apartment?

Over time, the disadvantages of this so-called innovation became more and more apparent, so the competition stepped in. They now offer diaper pails with clever closures that are also supposed to be odorless, but more environmentally friendly because they use less film, or cheaper because they can be fitted with normal garbage bags.

The diaper test: The stinky diaper

However, there are now diaper pails with different systems and expectant parents are often unsure which diaper pail is the best and whether they need one.

By the way, regular trash bags are perfect for disposing of diapers. There is no need to use bags or packaging treated with silver-based biocides that are supposed to kill 99% of all germs. The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment has repeatedly pointed out that silver compounds used to provide antimicrobial coatings on consumer products provide no benefit to consumers.

Standard bags are more environmentally friendly

Instead, it is recommended that people improve their conventional hygiene behaviors to prevent infectious diseases. In addition, silver-based biocides are harmful to the environment. The Pesticide Action Network e.V. also points out that the use of biocides in the household is only useful and sensible in very limited cases.

How do I find a good diaper pail?

A diaper pail should not leak odors to the outside. It is important to distinguish whether the bucket allows odors to escape when it stands alone, or whether this only happens when the diaper is removed and opened for this purpose. Of course, changing the trash bags is also a source of odors.

All diaper pails are odorless when closed. However, when you insert a diaper, that’s only the case with a few models. And when you change the inserts in the pail, you can smell all the diapers, and the intensity varies.

Not all models retain odor

The fact that the diaper pail can be used with one hand is also an advantage. After all, when you have your baby on the changing table, you need to keep one hand on the baby so that it doesn’t fall out. If the diaper pail is then also a little higher, the already often battered backs of parents are happy.

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