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Man good that there is the extractor hood. When you cook, it is normal that the smells also pass into the kitchen. Depending on what dish you choose, the smell can linger longer in the kitchen. However, not only the smells, but also water and grease settle in the kitchen. So that you can counteract these unpleasant side things while cooking, then you should think about an extractor hood. Once you have chosen the right model, you will find that cooking can be a clean affair from that point on. Likewise, your kitchen will stay clean from grease, water vapor, and odors. However, there are many models that you have to choose between. However, this can become a real task. So that you can decide on the right model, a buying recommendation ffor cooker hoods is helpful. With our extractor hoods guide you can get useful tips for buying the right model.

We present the best cooker hoods here. You can see the disadvantages and advantages of each device. Also what criteria you should consider when buying.

We have not conducted our own tests, but compared other portals. If at Öko Test or Stiftung Warentest a cooker hood test was available, you will of course also find this in our article.

Extractor hoods test – These are the best Cooker hoods


The cooker hood guide – What you should know

This is how the cooker hood can help you cook

Cooking as well as baking is not just a vital aspect for most. Many use this opportunity to be creative and thus live out a hobby. However, preparing meals together is also helpful in fostering interpersonal relationships. Thus cooking or baking is not only useful for the physical well-being. However, cooking is much more fun if you have the right equipment. This includes an extractor hood. Here you can find the different models. That is, you can decide whether your cooker hood should be built-in or whether it should be an under-cabinet design. In addition, you can choose to promote an island hood or a flat hood. Because of this wide selection, it’s not uncommon for many to struggle with buying a new range hood. It’s important that you know there’s a model that’s right for you.

However, to help you make the right decision, guides and test reports will help you. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the different functions that a cooker hood can have. Thus, you should think about what requirements your model should have. In your search for a suitable device, you may also notice that the design differs greatly. Thus, you can also find the optimal design for your kitchen. It is known that an extractor hood directly above the hob is one of the best solutions. Therefore, you can find this type in modern kitchens. Meanwhile, extractor hoods serve not only to keep away odors and the like while cooking. Due to the designs, these devices are also an eye-catcher in the kitchen.

You have to choose between two types for your new device. The exhaust hood and the recirculation hood. An exhaust hood filters the greasy air and directs it out of the entire house through a pipe.

These advantages and disadvantages have an exhaust hood

  • quieter
  • high efficiency
  • no activated carbon filter
  • High air delivery volume
  • External fan
  • Humidity gets out of the kitchen
  • Heat loss
  • Structural measures required
  • Air delivery volume dependent on exhaust path design
  • High installation effort
  • High installation costs

These advantages and disadvantages have a recirculation hood

  • No energetic losses
  • Simple installation
  • Without structural changes possible
  • Louder due to activated carbon filter
  • additional ventilation as moisture remains in the kitchen
  • Heat loss
  • Air flow rate reduced by activated carbon filter
  • Regular cleaning of the activated carbon filter

This is what you should consider when buying a cooker hood

In order for your new range hood to work properly, you need to consider the width of the cooktop as well as the distance between the cooktop and the hood. The range hood should be slightly larger than the cooktop itself. If you don’t have a large kitchen, you can also go for a hood that has edge extraction.

You should go for an exhaust hood that has an area exhaust if you have a cooktop that generates a lot of heat. For example, a cooktop with gas or a grill.

    • Tailor to the cooktop: The effect of the exhaust hood depends on the design. Therefore, if you want to achieve a high effect, then the shape as well as the design should fit the cooktop. You should note that a flat hood screen ensures that there is a high back pressure on the fan.
    • Note the filter: Basically, a cooker hood serves to filter the fat from the cooking water. For this purpose, metal grease filters are used. Here you must note that you must clean these filters regularly. You can do this either by hand or in the dishwasher. If you want to save yourself this work, you can also use filterless devices. In these models, the fat collects in a so-called collecting pan. This is replaceable and therefore easy to clean. Should you decide on a recirculation hood, it is advisable that you pay attention to an additional odor filter.
    • The operation: Depending on the model you have to operate the device differently. So there are models that you operate by a rotary switch or a slide switch. Some models have a push button. Modern devices have a touch control or you can operate them with the remote control.The energy consumption: you can also pay attention to the energy consumption of cooker hoods.
    • The classification starts at A+ and ends at F. But you can also find devices that are marked with A++. These are very energy-efficient models. The exact energy consumption is always dependent on the exact use.

The noise of the cooker hood

Depending on how sensitive you are to noise, you should pay attention to the noise of your cooker hood. Especially the volume is crucial. You should therefore consider what demands you have on your new device. Meanwhile, you can find models that have a low volume and are considered very quiet. However, a cooker hood is there to remove steam and smoke from the kitchen.

The DIN standard for the volume also exists for cooker hoods. This is to ensure that the devices are not too loud and can serve you as a guide. Thus, the volume is one, conversation at 60 decibels. This value should also have an extractor hood.

The shapes of cooker hoods

Today’s models are very different from those of the past. You can install the modern devices in almost any kitchen. Likewise, you can get the devices in the different construction methods. So you can choose between the following types of construction:

  • slide-in hood
  • island hood
  • intermediate hood
  • Under-cabinet hood
  • head hood
  • Wall dining

So meanwhile, not every appliance has to be above the hob. You can also opt for models that you can attach to the wall. These are thus at an angle to the stove. These models will prevent head butting on your part. This design is very suitable for attic apartments.

You can see an island hood mostly when you choose a freestanding kitchen or a freestanding stove. These models you mount on the ceiling. One advantage of these models is that the power is higher.

With a lift hood, you can adjust the distance between your stove and the hood individually. This also means that you can only buy these models as recirculation hoods. But here you can find different designs. You can find different shapes and colors. So you can buy the hood to match your kitchen. Also so-called table hoods are popular. These you can let in the stove or the work surface. Through this option, odors and the like can be sucked in directly. In addition, you can use both types, exhaust air and recirculating air.

As you can tell from these differences. Is a cooker hood not only a functional kitchen appliance.

This checklist will help you find the right cooker hood

Which model is suitable for you, is certainly not easy to find out. A cooker hood should not only visually fit into your kitchen and you, but also be functional. Likewise, the device must fit into your budget.

You can therefore be guided by this checklist:

    • The dimensions of the stove hood: The model should not be smaller and such not larger than your hob. Should you decide on a wall hood. Then it is important that you pay attention to the height of the niche as well as the width. Also the cabinet dimensions can be crucial depending on the model.
    • The power: The power is also very important for a cooker hood. This you can find in cubic meters per hour. In terms of power, you should make sure that there is a high power of the fan. Here, it should be noted that the exhaust performance is higher when the pipe diameter is higher. Also the length as well as the curvature has an influence on it.
    • The intensive stage: such a stage is useful when strong fumes are produced. This stage usually turns itself off again from the self. However, a lot of energy is consumed by this stage. In addition, the volume is higher.
    • The sensor automatic: With this function, the device controls the fan power automatically. Likewise, only not much more energy than necessary is consumed.
    • The volume: When cooking, in most cases, there is a lot of talking. Therefore, the cooker hood should be as quiet as possible. Too much noise can be disturbing and thus also distract you while cooking. Therefore, always pay attention to the decibel specifications, which is specified by the manufacturer.

Important points at a glance:

  1. Which filter system can you choose?

You can choose between an activated carbon filter or a metal grease filter.

  1. What energy efficiency class should you pay attention to?

Here you should first find out which efficiency class is the best or worst.

  1. Do I need a lighting systems and which should have the cooker hood?

With a lighting systems you can better watch the meals while cooking. You can choose here between a halogen lighting or LED lighting.

As you can see, there are many points that you should consider when buying a cooker hood. However, if the design and shape fits your apartment and performance, then you should decide to buy.

These 5 questions people often ask about range hoods

  • Why doesn’t the motor work even though a fan level is indicated? This is because there is probably a vacuum switch or a window contact switch. Both may have interrupted the power supply.
  • What do flashing LEDs mean? Most often, this is due to the grease filter saturation indicator. Therefore, you should clean this regularly and preferably every two weeks.
  • How do you maintain the grease filter? You can clean most filters in the dishwasher. Otherwise, you can also put them in boiling water and use some detergent. The best choice is grease-dissolving detergent.
  • How should you clean the monoblock carbon filter? Again, you need to remove the filter and then put it in the oven at 120 ° C. So that the smell. I’s too strong, you should ventilate the cooks in the process.
  • How should you clean the cooker hood? Basically, the lamp should be cooled down first. Then you can use the device with a damp cloth and some lye. Abrasive cleaners and sponges can cause damage to the cooker hood. When cleaning, it is important that you make sure that no liquid gets into the device.

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