If you travel with child in the car, the safety of children in the car is the top priority. Do you also have a baby or toddler that you want to carry safely in the vehicle? The latest figures from accident research show that only every fourth child is sufficiently protected during car journeys. How you can safely transport even the small passengers, we show you in our child seat – comparison. In this comparison, we also give you an overview of the different types of child seats. So that you can be shown the best child seats, we have also taken some manufacturers and their models under the microscope.

An overview of the different types of child seats

There are three categories of child seats. First is the baby seats, these are for the smallest passengers and the child seats that can be used for small children. For the child seats that are suitable for small children, there are three main categories. In our child seat – comparison we show you the different features of the models.

The baby seat

For newborns and very small children, the baby shells are intended. These must be mounted against the direction of travel. The baby shells are secured with a three-point belt. As an alternative, you can also attach an Isofix – frame and mount the baby shell there against the direction of travel. But why should a baby car seat be positioned against the direction of travel? The baby’s head is very heavy in relation to the rest of the body. In a regular transport, i.e. with the direction of travel, the load on the cervical spine would be too great in the event of a frontal collision. This would result in very large injuries.

Group 1 child seat

These models are offered with different restraint systems. The design depends on the particular manufacturer. The seats that are put on with a kind of harness belt are the most common. The child seat is fixed by the three-point belt and the child is protected by the five-point belt of the child seat. These child seats are installed in the direction of travel. You should note when choosing the appropriate child seat that the straps are easy to tighten. This will ensure that the child seat is firmly attached to the car.

Some manufacturers also offer child seats with a safety catch. The child seat and the child are secured by the vehicle seat belts. In addition, the child is secured to the child seat by a body. This encloses the child. This system can be compared to a safety bar on a car or roller coaster. The child seat with a safety bar has proven itself in numerous crash tests. However, the disadvantage with these child seats is that the infants cannot be placed in a reclining position. Since some toddlers feel constricted by this catch table and quickly start to sweat, many toddlers do not like these child seats with catch body.

Group 2/3 child seats

From the age of three, children should be transported in a group 2/3 child seat. These child seats are also positioned in the direction of travel. The three-point belt secures the seat and the child here. Child seats that can provide a backrest, additional side impact protection and a height-adjustable headrest are highly recommended. The lap belt should be routed along over the pelvic bones.

Over the shoulders of the child should run the diagonal part. If the belt is at the child’s neck, it has been positioned incorrectly. This incorrect positioning can cut off the child’s air. Child seats with reclining headrests are good for children who quickly fall asleep in the car. This also secures the head during sleep and allows the child to sleep more comfortably.

The advantages and disadvantages of different types of child seats

There are different child seat – types. These depend on the size and age of the child. In the child seat – comparison we show you the different features of the child seats. Likewise, we show you which child seats have performed particularly well.

The baby seat


  • For babies, very good safety is provided
  • The baby car seat eis suitable for any car
  • It is sturdy
  • The baby shell can additionally be used as a carrier


  • As soon as the baby grows, the baby car seat must be renewed
  • It is imperative that this is firmly mounted

Child seat group 1


  • There are different restraint systems
  • for these child seats.
  • The child seats are very robust
  • They provide a high level of safety
  • The seat can be individually adjusted to the child
  • There are different models in different price categories


  • The child seats are bulky and relatively heavy in the car
  • The children can sweat faster

Group 2/3 child seat


  • The child seats are robust
  • They provide a high level of safety
  • The child seat can be customized to fit the child
  • There are different systems for the car
  • There are many different models in different price categories


  • The child seats are bulky in the car
  • They can be relatively heavy

The choice of child seat is more a matter of the child’s age than a matter of taste.

Which child seat model is suitable for you?

Infants must be well secured during a car ride. There are different models from different manufacturers. The child seat of the group 2/3 is the most common variant. This child seat is fixed with the three-point belt. This provides maximum safety for the child in the seat.

You want to find the right seat for your baby?

Baby car seats are designed for transporting babies and very young children in the vehicle. The baby car seat not only provides a secure hold, but also a high level of sleeping comfort. It is attached against the direction of travel. That your baby is transported as long as possible, against the direction of travel, is an important point that should be considered. Because since the head of the child is proportionally significantly larger than the rest of the body, an excessive compression of the spine in a rear-end collision is prevented by this method of transport.

You want to find an inexpensive child seat and still get good quality?

For this, it is helpful to look at a child seat test or comparison. Likewise, the models and the providers should be compared. We show you the strengths and weaknesses of each product by comparing the individual models. Likewise, you can see experiences about the manufacturers and the most attractive offers. You do not necessarily have to buy child seats in a specialized store, but these can also be purchased over the Internet. From a certain order amount, you can even get them free shipping.

For your toddler should be found an adequate seat – solution?

Here it is important to note what age your child has reached. Group 1 child seats are recommended up to the age of three. These child seats not only provide a complex hold, but also during the entire car ride is provided for safety. The child is, through the five-belt system, firmly strapped into the seat without getting a constricted feeling. A group 2/3 child seat is suitable for children from the age of three. To find the right child seat, not only the age of the child should be considered, but also the size. It is important that there is enough space for the child in the seat.

The most popular manufacturers of child seats

The choice has not yet fallen on a child seat. Through the child seat – comparison you will be given some help. You will be presented with the most popular and well-known manufacturers with some preferred models.

Child seats and the matching accessories

Depending on the manufacturer and model, there is also a wide range of accessories. We now show you what accessories you can buy for the child seat.

Purchase recommendations and sources at a glance

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