You are thinking about buying a brushcutter? We can understand you. Having your own garden is a blessing. Especially in the summer months, more and more people are drawn to the outdoors. Good for the one who now has his own garden. The green oasis is a delight for young and old and invites you to play and relax. It is greening and blooming in all corners. As a result, it is not surprising that more and more Germans have joined the ranks of garden owners. But a beautiful garden does not develop by itself. It requires a lot of attention and care. Mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge, weeding … it all adds up. Fortunately, there are special tools that can help you with the tedious gardening work. One of them is the brushcutter. These devices are a must for every hobby gardener and green space lover. They are versatile and should not be missing from any tool shed.

Scythes were yesterday. Anyone who is involved in gardening these days can’t get around a brushcutter. The reasons for this are quite obvious. Brushcutters are practical, lightweight and compact. They mow the lawn and provide the necessary precision. Overgrown fruit or vegetable beds, overgrown lawns, unsightly hedges or weeds don’t stand a chance against the brushcutter. Thanks to the small size in combination with the powerful engine, brushcutters also work where lawnmowers and the like have long since given up the ghost. For them, no obstacle is too big and no space too narrow. For this very reason, brushcutters are primarily used in hard-to-reach areas of the garden.

DIY stores and garden centers are currently overflowing with brushcutters of all kinds. The most diverse models are lined up close together. Which one should you choose? The following guide should help you in your search for the right brushcutter for your garden.

These questions are important to ask before buying a brushcutter

What is meant by a brushcutter?

A manicured and trimmed lawn is a wonderful sight to behold. Unfortunately, it comes with a lot of work. Lawns, hedges and shrubs grow very quickly and if left untreated will look unsightly in no time. So that you don’t sink into thistles, nettles or undergrowth, you should mow, cut and trim your lawn at regular intervals. A brushcutter can be of great help in this respect. This practical gardening tool is the electronic version of the conventional scythe. It is exactly the right device for the necessary finishing touches in the garden. Thanks to its power combined with its compact size, the brushcutter can reach even the hardest-to-reach areas of the garden and fight tall lawns, weeds, thickets and overhanging brushwood. You can also work on lawn edges or the areas under trees and hedges with the help of a brushcutter. The brushcutter is, to put it casually, a link between a lawn trimmer and a brushcutter and the perfect complement to the ordinary lawnmower.

What is the purpose of a brushcutter?

Brushcutters are the dream of every amateur gardener. They transform any overgrown jungle into a beautiful English lawn. Brushcutters have their appearance exactly where lawn mowers fail. Reference is made explicitly to angled garden corners, narrow lawn corners or small slopes. The primary task of a brushcutter is to mow and trim lawns and remove weeds and/or brush of all kinds. Thanks to the powerful engine, using a brushcutter requires little effort and expense on your part.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of brushcutters?


  • make gardening easier
  • penetrate even areas where the lawn mower can’t reach
  • Remove weeds and brush
  • Mow and trim your lawn
  • also works on walls and fences
  • are precise in their work
  • are powerful and easy to use
  • allow convenient working
  • Flexibility


  • occasionally somewhat noisy and harmful to the environment (consumption of the brushcutter)
  • Electric brushcutters require a power source

What types of brushcutters are there?

Not all brushcutters are the same. For your work in the home garden, you can choose between different models. You yourself decide which one suits you and your needs best. In the following, we would like to briefly introduce the most common models.

Electric brushcutter

The electric brushcutter, also called electric brushcutter, has various cutting tools. The most important of them would be the saw blade and the thread knob. These elements guarantee precise removal of brush and weeds, as well as successful trimming of the lawn. Electric brushcutters are powered by electricity. For this very reason, they are quiet to use and child’s play to operate. A real pleasure for you and your neighbors.

Battery-powered brushcutter

The battery-powered brushcutter, or battery-powered brushcutter for short, is similar to the electric brushcutter in the way it works. Here, too, you will find various cutting tools, which will make your gardening work much easier. The big advantage of this variant is clearly the integrated battery. Due to this, your garden tool is not dependent on a power connection and you can move much more freely and farther in your garden. However, the disadvantage of a battery-powered brushcutter is that you can run out of battery while working. It is therefore advantageous to always have a spare battery at hand. So you can finish your work without further interruptions.

Petrol-powered scythes

A look at the buying behavior of amateur gardeners leads to the fact that the majority reaches for a gasoline brushcutter. These are very powerful and master all challenges in the garden with flying colors. But there is also a downside. Unfortunately, gasoline brushcutters are quite heavy and harmful to the environment.

What accessories are available for my brushcutter?

Protective clothing

The market of gardening supplies and accessories will offer you safety clothing for your work with the brush scythe. You should definitely wear helmet, face shield and gloves during the operation. In this way, you can devote yourself to your gardening work in complete safety and comfort.


Although brushcutters are considered light and compact, they still have a certain dead weight. This can be quite a pain in the arms in the long run. So that you can also work with your brushcutter over a longer period of time, the use of a carrying strap is recommended. This is usually included in the scope of delivery. If this is not the case, you can purchase it separately. The purchase is worthwhile in any case.

Additional battery

You have a cordless brushcutter? Then you should definitely think about buying a spare battery. Rechargeable batteries have a tendency to always give out at the worst possible time. With a replacement battery, you don’t have to interrupt your work. All you have to do is replace the battery and you can finish your work.

Cutting tools

You should always have enough cutting tools on hand. You never know when you’ll need them. Replaceable cutting tools allow for a wider range of work and replace broken ones.

What should I look for when buying a new brushcutter?


Before making the final purchase decision, you should settle on a type. What type of brushcutter is best for you and your yard. You have a choice between an electric brushcutter, a battery-powered brushcutter, or a gasoline-powered brushcutter. Each of the types mentioned here has its advantages and disadvantages. The decision is entirely up to you.


The engine power is of significant relevance when deciding for or against a brushcutter. However, the desired area of use also plays a key role here. People with a large property and many trees, shrubs and hedges will benefit from a brushcutter with high power. The higher and better the engine power, the better you will be able to clear the jungle in your garden. However, for amateur gardeners with a small but fine green area, a brushcutter with a lower engine power is absolutely sufficient.

Cutting tools

Cutting tools are the be-all and end-all when working with a brushcutter. As a rule, saw blade, cutting blades and cutting thread are included in the delivery. These are absolutely sufficient for “normal” gardening. For special applications, however, you often need special tools. It is best to find out in advance which cutting tools the object of your desire is equipped with. Furthermore, it is always helpful to have a few cutting tools in reserve. These can be purchased separately.

Working width

The working width also plays a role that should not be negated. It indicates what area you can work with one insert. How big is your garden and how often do you want to use your brushcutter? Owners of smaller gardens do not necessarily need a large working width. This is primarily relevant for professional landscapers.


Here’s to being a good neighbor! Isolated brushcutters are quite loud and cause clearly noticeable background noise. There the war at the garden fence is already pre-programmed. Please pay attention in advance to a quiet model. Your family and neighbors will thank you.


The brushcutter of your choice should ideally be easy to operate. It is advisable to test the respective handling already on site.


After your work is done, you should clean your brushcutter thoroughly, just like any other piece of equipment. This prevents premature wear. Your brushcutter should therefore be easy and quick to clean.


The use of a brushcutter is not without danger. Your new garden helper should definitely be made of high-quality materials and have excellent workmanship.


It is not uncommon for gardening to take up a certain amount of time. Even a new brushcutter will not change that. Please keep in mind that you will have to carry the scythe for a long period of time. The model should therefore not be too heavy and should fit comfortably in your hand. An additional carrying strap will increase comfort during work.


All in all, however, you should also keep the acquisition costs in mind. What is your new brushcutter worth to you? Gardening items come in a wide variety of price categories. They range from 50 to several 100 euros.

Frequently asked questions and answers about the brushcutter

Where can you buy a brushcutter?

The dream of an English lawn is coming within reach. Brushcutters are currently available in abundance. Your path to the perfect brushcutter for your garden will take you to your nearest hardware store or garden center. There you can choose between different brushcutters from different manufacturers.

You don’t want to rush into the crowd? No problem! You can also find numerous tempting offers for the coveted garden tools on the Internet. You can take a look at the object of your desire on the manufacturer’s homepage without stress and hectic, find out more about it and, if necessary, order it immediately. Other sales portals such as, or also offer contemporary brushcutters at attractive prices.

How does a brushcutter work?

The way a brushcutter works depends on its type. The market for garden tools and supplies currently has electric brushcutters, gasoline-powered brushcutters or brushcutters with rechargeable batteries. A powerful motor activates the cutting tools. These then devote themselves to your lawn or shrubs in rotating movements. The principle of operation of a brushcutter has clear parallels with that of a shredder.

Where is the best place to store a brushcutter?

After your work is done, you shouldn’t just leave your brushcutter lying in place. It is much more effective to store the garden tool in a safe place. Dry and shady storage places that your children or other people can’t get to are suitable for this. Ideal storage places for brushcutters would be, for example, a garden shed, a tool shed or a garage.

What should I look for when using a brushcutter?

  • Optimal condition of the brushcutter
  • All components in place before use
  • You as an amateur gardener should stand safely while working with the brush scythe
  • work only on the ground
  • Constantly follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Be sure cutting tools are sharp and intact
  • Use gasoline-powered brushcutters outdoors only
  • Do not operate in darkness or rain
  • Value safety clothing
  • Keep the power brush away from children, animals or other people
  • Do not touch exhaust or engine
  • Have first-aid kit handy
  • In the event of an accident with the brushcutter, seek medical attention immediately

Can I fill my brushcutter with commercial gasoline?

Yes, you can fill your brushcutter with a gasoline of your choice, alleredings not alone only with it. But please pay attention to the correct composition and follow the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard. Because almost every brushcutter needs a mixture of gasoline and oil. Then nothing at all can go wrong.

How do I start my brushcutter?

This question can not be answered across the board. Brushcutters can be started differently, depending on the manufacturer and model. The only important thing is that you place your brushcutter safely and stably in front of you before starting it. Then operate the throttle lock and the throttle lever. Please make sure that there are no children, animals or objects in the vicinity. Some brushcutters are equipped with a scribing cord, while electric scythes are operated with a single button. Therefore, the rule is, read the attached instructions of your brushcutter.

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