If you are passionate about gastronomy and enjoy preparing delicacies, you already know that the blender can be a great ally in the kitchen. It is the kind of appliance that has been indispensable in the home since its invention in the early 20th century. Since then, its evolution has gone hand in hand with its technological evolution. And, as if that were not enough, it helps us follow a healthy diet. The appearance of blenders on the market has completely eliminated the physical effort required to beat, chop and mix foods manually. This little tool allows you to showcase your culinary skills and experiment with different textures in the blink of an eye. What else? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this great invention of our time.

The best blenders on the market: our selection

Cheap, for professionals, with jars or immersion, there are blenders for all tastes and all budgets, and thus for your needs as well. If you have grown tired of pre-cooked meals, have no doubt, a blender will be your best helper in the kitchen. Below, we’ll show you five of the ideal blenders for aspiring future MasterChefs:

The best cordless mini blender

Kenwood CH580 Universal Electric Food Chopper, 4-Blade Stainless Steel Mixer System, Equipped with Mayonnaise Accessory, 500 W, Bowl Capacity 500 ml, 2 Speeds, Non-Slip Feet, Plastic, White

This blender with jar mounts a 350W pure copper motor. With its six stainless steel blades, it can quickly chop all kinds of ingredients for a good smoothie. It is a 2000 mAh battery-powered model that recharges in about 3 hours and can be used for 10/12 times. The jar has a capacity of 380 ml and can be conveniently detached from the base so that it can be cleaned more easily. The total weight of the blender is only 550 grams. Users are pleased with the ease of use and the comfort of the handle.

The best immersion blender

This model of immersion blender is equipped with a 400W motor. In addition to the appliance, the package includes a 700 ml graduated glass, a blender foot and a whisk with its stand. The shape of the handle ensures that it is comfortable to use. All parts can be removed from the motor body for easier washing. Those who purchased it particularly appreciated the 2 speeds suitable for various types of preparations. Also praised is the product’s strength and durability. Reviews express customers‘ satisfaction with the product’s quiet operation.

The best mini blender with wire

Electrolux ESB2500 Sportsblender Mini Blender, Milkshake Function, 23,000 RPM, 300 W, 0.6 Liters, Plastic, 2 Bottles, Stainless Gray

The Electrolux mini blender weighs only 1.8 kilograms, and it incorporates four non-slip suction cups at the base that give it more stability during use. It has four blades that allow for fine, even chopping; they can also be removed and washed in the dishwasher. Also in the package are two 600-mL Tritan bottles, which come with lids. The body is made of very durable stainless steel. It mounts a 300W motor that allows it to rotate at a speed of 23000 rpm. Reviews say it is very durable and easy to use. For buyers, it perfectly chops all kinds of fruits and vegetables, including seeds and dried fruits. It is highly praised for its simple and elegant design.

The blender with the best value for money

Aigostar Pomegranate – 1.5 L Blender for smoothies, multifunctional blender with 750W glass jar, 2 speeds & Pulse, 4 stainless steel blades, BPA Free.

This multifunctional jar blender has 750W power that allows it to chop ice as well. It has 4 304 series stainless steel blades. The speed is adjustable up to 20000 RPM. The jar is made of tempered glass and has a capacity of 1.5 liters. With it comes a lid equipped with an opening via a dispensing cap that allows ingredients to be added while the blender is running. Those who use it particularly appreciate the possibility of being able to remove the blades from the base of the jar so that it is also easy to wash in the dishwasher. In addition, it is recommended by users for the 100% BPA-free food-grade material composition of its jar.

4-in-1 Immersion Blender, Coziselect Minipimer Blender 800W Multifunctional Blender, Electric Whisk with Turbo, Suitable for Preparing Quickchef , Salads, Soups and Vegetables, Black

This white/grey immersion blender can rely on a 600W motor. Its soft touch technology handle and ergonomic shape make it very comfortable to use. It can operate at 12 different speeds that can be adjusted through the use of a knob. It is recommended by those who own it because of the efficiency of its four stainless steel blades, which make it easy to chop up any kind of food. Reviews point out the usefulness of the Antisplash system that prevents splashes. The turbo button, which allows the blender to run at maximum power, also proves particularly useful.

Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Blender

You probably already have a blender, but it may be time to replace it. These days these small appliances come with all kinds of technological improvements. With them you can not only prepare healthy dishes, but also experiment with the most innovative gastronomy. Pay attention to the most frequently asked questions among buyers. blender-first-xcyp1 Immersion blenders are ideal for quickly preparing purees. (Source: Dolgachov: 76362967/ 123rf.com)

What is a blender?

A blender is a small household appliance apparatus consisting of a motor that turns an axle to which various accessories are connected. The ones most frequently mounted on blenders are the whips, which when the axis turns generate a rotary motion that allows food to be mixed. Nowadays, blenders are sold with multiple attachments. Depending on the attachment fitted, this small device allows you to chop, whisk, chop, liquefy, mince, and even knead various ingredients. Blender functions have evolved as technology has advanced, and nowadays, some of them can be considered authentic food processors. In the following video you can see some healthy and simple smoothie recipes.


Who invented blenders?

Electrical blenders equipped with feet were invented by an engineer from the Hobart Manufactory Company named Herbert Johnson in 1908. These industrial apparatuses are the predecessors of domestic blenders. The latter began to be marketed in the United States beginning in 1920. Stephen J. Poplawski, in 1922, invented the blender. The Hobart Manufactory Company introduced the first blender equipped with a foot for the home in 1919. And guess what it was called? Just “ KitchenAid food preparer.“ Yes, we are really talking about the famous KitchenAid brand that still exists today.

What types of blenders are there?

In general, there are three different types of blenders, although they are known by many names. Kitchen professionals will surely know what we are talking about, but for beginners and novice cooks this may cause some confusion. Therefore, below, you can consult a table who classifies the different types of blenders and their functions:

Type In what other ways are they called and how are they used?
immersion blenders Also known as „arm“, manual, minipimer or rod blenders. They are the most commonly used in Italian kitchens and the motor is located inside their stand. They include attachments such as whisks to beat foods and a container in which to grind them. Generally, they have different power levels.
Blenders with tumblers In Italy they are also known as blenders. They consist of a base, where the motor is located, and a „glass‘ on top that is generally closed by a removable cap. They are ideal for smoothies, creams and also for chopping ice.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of blender models?

We have already seen what are the different types of blenders on the market, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends a lot on your needs, but in any case we want to show you what the advantages and disadvantages of each device are. The following table will serve as a guide to clear your mind:

Types Advantages Disadvantages
Immersion blenders Easy to clean. Many of the accessories can be washed in the dishwasher. The result of the resulting mixture may not be as fine as we would like. Few accessories.
Blenders with jars The design is more elegant, so it is more suitable if you want to leave it displayed in the kitchen as a decorative element. The blades are very sharp and are capable of shredding ice. They do not require to be held still and in place by the person who is using them. They are suitable for preparing creams and velvety soups. Cleaning can be problematic, especially if the jar cannot be removed from the base. Their functions are limited. They are usually noisy compared to other devices. The volume is limited to the capacity of the jar.

What are the differences between mixers and blenders?

Both are used to mix different foods, but there are substantial differences between the two devices. If you want to distinguish between them, keep in mind that blenders extract liquids from products such as fruits and vegetables. In contrast, blenders grind foods. Blenders discard the peel and fiber, while blenders use the whole product.

blender-xcyp1 Blender is not the same thing as mixer or blender (Source: Littleny: 50875629/ 123rf.com)

Purchasing Criteria

As you could see, there are many types of blenders, so it is important for you to consider some criteria before choosing which appliance to buy. Power and design are some aspects you need to analyze, but there are others. Below, we show you the features you need to consider to make sure you make a good purchase:


The power of a blender is what determines whether you will be able to use it every day or not. It is also what will let you know if the device will be able to shred solid foods, such as seeds. In the following table we will show you the power levels that are usual to range between 200w and 1000w, and the kind of uses you will be able to make with your shiny new blender:

Power level What use can I make of my blender?
Between 200 and 400 watts (W) They cannot be used daily, however, you can prepare sauces, velvety soups and other simple recipes with them.
Between 500 and 600 W You’ll be able to use them more often without risking them getting damaged. They are recommended for many recipes, but not for routinely shredding solid foods.
700 or more W If the blender has an output of 700 W or more, you can cook for a regiment! That means you can use it every day for as long as you want, and, in addition, you can use it to prepare recipes that require you to blend and chop solid foods.

Adjustable speed

Modern blenders can operate at various speeds so you can adjust the appliance according to your preferences. This is a very important aspect that will allow you to prepare various recipes more precisely. Keep this criterion in mind if you like to cook every day.

Miguel de CervantesSpanish writer and playwright

„All pains are alleviated by food.“


As you already know, the material used to manufacture blenders is always important. Generally, they are made of innovative plastics, but it is important that the accessories are made of stainless or stainless steel. This will determine the durability of this great little appliance. The more stainless steel, the better.


Design is not important for everyone, but it is important for all those people who like furniture. There are shapes to suit all types of kitchens, but if you don’t want to risk going wrong, choose a device composed of stainless steel so it will last longer. If you want your blender to be a decorative element, don’t forget about this aspect. blender-mixer-xcyp1 Blenders that have the function of kneading machines are ideal for pastry and baking. (Source: marctran: 85528454/123rf.com)


The capacity of a blender is critical if you have invited people over or if there are many of you in the family. Otherwise you will have to and reproduce the same recipe several times. Choose a device with a capacity that meets your needs to avoid last-minute hitches. Although it may not seem like it, it is an important criterion.


The quality of the blades seems like a given, however, it is a more important element than you might think. Especially when we’re talking about immersion blenders, but nonetheless it’s a crucial aspect if you want them to remain durable and sharp for a long time. If you can, opt for an appliance with stainless steel or titanium blades.

Did you know that the first Italian blender dates back to the 1950s? It was invented by the company Bialetti precisely in 1954. Precisely because of its functions, the model was named „Frullo“.


It is crucial that immersion blenders be lightweight and easy to handle. You may have problems if the device weighs too much. If you opt for other models, however, it is important that they weigh enough so that they do not move or shift while preparing your favorite recipe. Don’t forget this very important criterion.


Appliances save you time in the kitchen, however, if they are difficult to clean you will quickly tire of using them. Choose appliances with removable elements so they can be washed in the dishwasher. Currently, most blenders can count on easy-to-wash attachments; something not to be overlooked. blender-third-xcyp1 The immersion blender is ideal for making any kind of smoothies; in addition, it can crush ice. (Source: budabar: 93882345/123rf.com)

Functions and accessories

The more functions your device has, the more variety of recipes you can offer your diners. If you want to use the blender for something else besides blending, don’t forget to check the accessories. The blades are essential, but so is the shredder or the ability to set the speed. Before choosing a blender, think carefully about what you need it for.


Do you need a faithful helper in the kitchen? Then have no doubts. Blenders may prove to be your best friends in this culinary space of the house. Whether you lack time or want to delight your guests, these small appliances will make your life easier and, most importantly, tastier. Also if you are a fan of Masterchef, blenders will bring more dynamism and efficiency into your life. With them you will be able to prepare various dishes and can turn yourself into an expert in the culinary arts. You just have to choose the appliance well. And remember „you get what you pay for.“ Always choose quality, you will not regret it.

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