The bamboo tableware is becoming more and more popular. During a camping trip, porcelain tableware is unsuitable. Because just with strong potholes or with a possible accident this tableware can take damage. But also during the everyday use of the dishes during camping, it can happen quickly that one drops the dishes. Therefore, in order to avoid shards it makes sense to opt for camping tableware that is shatterproof. At the same time, there are some who care about the environment and want to avoid the use of disposable tableware as well as plastic tableware.

A good alternative is bamboo dinnerware. Since this has received more attention in recent years and has also gained popularity, you should take a closer look at this tableware. Especially since there are different types of the set. So you can choose only bowls or plates. But there are also some set parts that contain cups as well as plates of different sizes. To be able to decide better it is therefore advisable to look at this tableware more closely and also to consider the advantages as well as disadvantages.

To the point

  • You can choose between different sets that are ideal for traveling. Sets for children can also be found, which are additionally equipped with a non-slip base.
  • It is bamboo tableware is an environmentally friendly material, which is ideal for traveling.
  • This tableware is not suitable for hot food. Once the content is more than 70 ° C, pollutants can be released from the dishes to the food.

Guide to bamboo dinnerware – These are the most common questions and answers

What kind of material can be found in bamboo dinnerware

Mainly, bamboo dinnerware is made of organic bamboo fibers. However, you can also find melamine, corn starch or wood fiber in some products. Therefore, if you are concerned about sustainability, then you should make sure that melamine is not included. For products that contain this material, it is important to consider that it can release harmful substances at more than 70 °C, which can then get into the food and subsequently into the body.

How should you clean bamboo dinnerware?

When you start looking for suitable bamboo dinnerware, you surely want to know how to clean it. In most cases, you can clean bamboo dishes in the dishwasher. However, you should also make sure that the temperature does not rise above 70 °C. Cleaning by hand is also possible with bamboo dishes.

Which types of bamboo tableware can you choose?

In order to find the right bamboo dinnerware for you, you should know between which types you can choose. So there are the following types:

  • Single tableware
  • Bamboo dinnerware set
  • Bamboo dinnerware for kids

Advantages and disadvantages of single bamboo dinnerware

This type is useful if you only need a specific set of dishes. So you can look if you need only big plates, small plates or only cups or bowls. So you can compose your bamboo tableware optimal yourself and individually. Also you can compose yourself by this way the colors.


  • Individual parts available
  • Individually composable


  • Mostly more expensive than a set

Advantages and disadvantages of a bamboo dinnerware set

With a set, you can usually get all the dishes you need. However, there are differences here as well. So you can decide whether you want to get only large plates with cups and bowls, or whether the set should also include small plates. The sets are composed differently. There are also differences in the number of pieces. So depending on the number of people you can choose a large or small set.


  • Includes all the dishes you need
  • Various set sizes


  • Dishes available that you may not need

Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo tableware for children

Children need extra tableware especially in the beginning. Since children need to learn how to eat first, it can happen quickly that the dishes end up on the floor. So that there are no shards, you should opt for shatterproof dishes. Also, when it comes to cleaning, it makes sense to prefer easy cleaning. In many cases, bamboo tableware for children has a beautiful and childlike design.


  • Beautiful colors
  • Beautiful design
  • Unbreakable


  • Only suitable up to a certain age

Even worth knowing about bamboo tableware

Where can you find bamboo dinnerware?

Bamboo dinnerware has become popular in recent years. As a result, you can find this tableware in many discount stores or supermarkets. However, you can also find a wide selection in various online stores.

What is dangerous about bamboo tableware?

Since these dishes are not always made entirely from bamboo fibers, you should be careful. In some cases, melamine is used, which can release harmful substances when heated above 70°C.

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