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Through a baby monitor you can monitor your baby. With the help of a baby monitor, you can relax a bit and move freely around your house or apartment without having to stay with the baby. Still, you get everything and can monitor the well-being of the baby. Nowadays, the technology is so advanced that with the help of this device not only the sounds can be recorded, but also with the help of a display a picture of the child can be transmitted.

By using a baby monitor, you are not only relieved nervously, but you also get a little more freedom, because you can continue to move around in your own four walls. This not only allows you to do household chores that cannot be done with a child, but also gives you a few minutes of peace and quiet. At the same time, by using a baby monitor, you don’t have to feel guilty about neglecting your baby. Since the development of baby monitors is also progressing, one can lose the overview due to the large selection. We will now show you some devices that we compare with each other. Likewise, in the following paragraphs you will get information about the respective manufacturers and the baby monitors – models. At the same time, we will also answer you some questions that can arise unauthorized on baby monitors.

The different types of baby monitors as an overview

The classic baby monitor transmits only sounds, but there are also many other models that are about more advanced in technology. In these, the baby monitor can also be used as a camera for monitoring or it is equipped with a motion sensor. We will now introduce you to the different types of baby monitors. So you can find the right baby monitor for you.

A baby monitor with additional motion sensor

This type of baby monitor is a very new development that can be bought on the market. Basically, this model is built the same way as the classic baby monitor. As an additional feature, a motion sensor has been included in the device. Through this model, you can not only monitor the sounds of their child, but also during the sleep and wake phase, can monitor the movements. If you, especially as a first-time parent, are afraid of sudden infant death syndrome, this baby monitor can help you. In addition, a sensor mat can be connected to this model, which can then be used to monitor the baby’s breathing. As soon as her child breathes unusually or stops breathing, an alarm is triggered via the baby monitor.

Baby monitor with camera

This type of baby monitor is indispensable from the baby monitor – market. The baby monitor can be connected to various cameras. This allows you to monitor your customer seamlessly. There are already some models in which the camera has already been built. The images are then transmitted via WLAN. Through this function can be taken anywhere access to the footage. With this baby – camera you can monitor the condition of your child in real time via your tablet or smartphone. The baby monitor camera can be controlled using various baby monitor apps. The app can also be used as a sound meter. To use this function, all you have to do is place your smartphone next to the baby’s bed and activate the app. If a previously defined noise level is exceeded by your child, you will be notified by call or information to another phone. If you want to do without a mobile application, you can also use in classic baby monitor with the appropriate camera supplement.

The classic baby monitor

The classic baby monitor is a combination of receiver and transmitter. Here, the transmitter is placed next to the baby’s bed. This transmitter transmits to the mobile receiver the received sounds. The data is transmitted via a functional connection. No WLAN connection is required for these devices. As soon as your baby wakes up and makes a sound, you as a parent receive the information via the loudspeakers from the receiving device. These classic baby monitors are very easy to use and operate. Likewise, these are priced lower than the more technically versatile models.

As a tip, there are some baby monitors – models that are battery operated. Should you choose one that requires a power source, it is important to make sure that the power cable has a sufficient length. Cordless baby monitors that are battery operated are practical and easy to use. Here, care should be taken to change the batteries in time so that the baby monitor can be used well.

The advantages and disadvantages of different baby monitor models

.The baby monitor is good for monitoring the child’s sleep. The devices come not only in different models, but also in many different price categories. The cheapest option is the classic baby monitor with one receiver and one transmitter. Devices with various additional functions are more expensive, among them fall, for example, devices with mobile monitoring and monitoring by a camera. Each baby monitor model has its advantages and, of course, its disadvantages. We show you here the advantages and disadvantages of these different models, so you can get a little overview.

Baby monitor with motion detector


  • Security is increased
  • Surveillance can be done all the time, not just when the child is asleep.


  • For use, a WLAN – connection is necessary.
  • The devices are expensive.

Baby phone with camera


  • Safety is increased, especially with the fear of sudden infant death syndrome.
  • The baby / child can be monitored with the help of image transmission.
  • It can be accessed anytime and anywhere.


  • The devices are very expensive.
  • For the use is a WLAN – connection necessary.

The classic baby monitor



  • The devices are inexpensive.
  • The baby’s / child’s sleep can be monitored.
  • No wifi or internet connection is required.


  • There is no camera transmission, only sounds are transmitted.
  • There are no additional features on these devices.
  • Which of these different baby monitors – models is suitable for you?

Is the radiation of the baby monitor low?

Since the baby monitor always emits electrical signals, an electric field is built up. As soon as the device is activated, the device builds up this electric field. Should you not want any radiation near your baby / child, you should refrain from using a baby monitor. Due to the technical development, the respective manufacturers have already placed a very high value on the fact that newer models have a lower radiation. There is a so-called TCO – standard. This value states that a baby monitor may only have a value of maximum 10V/meter and this value may not be exceeded. However, the digital devices are more radiation intensive than the analog models. However, these digital devices offer a higher range and improved acoustics. It should be noted that the cheaper baby monitors – models have higher radiation than the high-priced models.


Can a baby monitor with a display be harmful to the child?

With this question, whether the displays on the baby monitors are harmful to the baby, there are always discussions. For example, it is discussed whether these displays can influence or disturb the sleep phases of the baby / child. However, through experience, it can be said that the displays have no influence on this. Of course, there are some displays that seem brighter than others, but the sleep phase of the baby / child is not affected. In more modern models, the illumination of the display can now be regulated. The blue background of the display makes this additionally calming for the baby. Likewise, the visual signals at the corresponding receiving parts are minimized. The tranquility of the sleeping baby is thus also not disturbed by the flashing.

Where can you find the right baby monitor?

To buy a good baby monitor cheap, Kanne be helpful to look at the individual prices and only then make a decision. A baby monitor can be purchased cheaply, for example, as an offer in Saturn, Real, Rossmann or Mediamarkt. Low-priced alternatives are also available in mobile form, for example as an app. These apps can be used for smartphones with WiFi. However, it is important to note that these apps require a constant Internet connection. Only through an Internet – connection, images and sounds can be transmitted smoothly. But baby monitors can also be found via the Internet from many offers. In addition, many dealers offer the devices without shipping via an online store.

Is there a high range with baby monitors?

Depending on the model of the baby monitor, the range can vary. The range depends on the quality of the device. This in turn is reflected in the price. Under 100 €, you can usually not find a baby monitor with high range. Baby monitors with an intercom function are also good models. The Philips Avent baby monitor worth used by many parents. Likewise, the NUK , Motorola, Angelcare or the Reer baby monitor are very popular.

The most popular manufacturers of baby monitors

The number of manufacturers is very high. Likewise, the prices are in different segments. The Philips company is one of the leaders in this field. From Philips are offered not only different models of the classic device, but also of digital baby monitors. Below we list some brands that are also very popular.

  • H + H
  • Philips (Philips Avent, Philips Avent SCD 560, Philips Avent SCD 525)
  • Belkin
  • Nuk
  • Grundig
  • Angelcare (Angelcare AC403-D, ANgelcare AC423-D, Angelcare AC 300)
  • Babymoov
  • Beurer
  • Motorola (Motorola MBP36S)
  • Samsung
  • Alecto
  • Audiolin (Audioline Watch & Care V130)
  • Reer

Baby monitor and the right accessories

A baby monitor can also be expanded with the various accessories. Through these various accessories, you can not only increase your satisfaction, but also provide more security when your child sleeps. We will now show you which useful accessories you can purchase.

As a tip, a camera is a very useful tool. Through it, you can not only monitor your child during sleep, but also during play. Because you do not only pay attention to noises, but you can directly recognize via the image if your child has hurt himself while playing or does not behave normally in terms of health.

A power adapter: an indispensable accessory is the power adapter. This allows you to charge the individual components of the baby monitor and you can ensure that they can be used at any time. If you want to charge the receiver and the transmitter at the same time, you can buy a second power adapter. You can find these power adapters from most manufacturers in an accessories store.

The camera: You can connect a camera. Here you can choose between a universal camera or a specific brand product. With the help of a camera, you can closely monitor the sleeping characteristics of your child. The camera can also be conveniently used with various apps. This not only processes the images directly, but also transfers them to a mobile device.

The sensor mat:This accessory is very important especially for parents who are afraid of sudden infant death syndrome. This mat is easy to install and can be purchased as an accessory item. The sensor mat just needs to be coupled with your baby monitor to receive the signals from the child. As soon as your child’s body values or behavior change, you will be informed via the baby monitor and can react directly.


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