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A automatic feeder cat facilitates our daily obligation. Of course, with an automatic feeder for the cat, you should not assume that he takes over the automatic feeding, but if you are not at home for a long period of time, but at work, then the purchase of an automatic feeder cat is worthwhile.

There are different models and we have picked out the best for your four-legged friend. If we have found a Stiftungwarentest automatic feeder cat or ├ľko-Tets, then we also present the in our results with.

These are the best automatic feeders for cats

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Guide automatic feeder cat – What you should consider when buying

What is an automatic feeder for cats?

An automatic feeder for cats is a tool to provide food to your pet individually or by intervals. This way you don’t have to feed your cat, but it learns to serve itself as soon as the feeling of hunger arises.

Since cats are usually very independent, such a feeder is ideal. Especially if you are not at home the whole day. With the help of such a feeder you don’t have to ask someone to look after your cat and provide water and food.

As a rule, you can start with such a feeder for cats from a price of 10.00 euros. The price differs depending on what features are available, what material the machine is made of and which manufacturer you choose. So you can also find models that cost 50.00 euros and over 100.00 euros.

Such a feeder can offer you many advantages and disadvantages. You should consider them in advance.


  • Feeding without human assistance
  • Easy handling
  • Suitable for vacation travel
  • Independent on humans
  • Less work


  • Consumption of batteries
  • Depending on model feed stealing possible

How do I use an automatic feeder for cats?

In order for you to use an automatic feeder for cats properly, you don’t have to spend a lot of time. You only need to make sure that the feeder is filled with food and that it is set correctly. However, it may take some time for your cat to get used to this new feeding method. This means that you will have to be patient.

In order to use such a feeder for your cats, you should know where you can buy one. Here you can look around in a pet store. But also many online stores offer you a wide range of models. You can also click directly above my recommendations to get to the product.

Which handling with automatic feeders for cats there are?

Depending on which type of feeder you choose for your cat, there are different handling. Of course, with both types you have to make sure that they are filled with enough food. So you can decide between.

  • Model with timer
  • Model with chip

In a feeder with a chip, the cat only gets to the food when the corresponding chip is nearby. A flap opens and the food rolls out of the machine into a bowl. From there your cat can get to the food.

Such a model is especially useful if you have more than one cat. It can happen very quickly with cats that they steal each other’s food. In the case of an automatic feeder with a chip, only the cat that has the appropriate chip can get the food.

If you choose a model with timer, then the food flap opens after a certain interval. You can determine this interval yourself. So you can set whether your cat receives only once a certain amount of food per day or whether the flap opens regularly or irregularly. So you can also ensure with such a feeder that your cat gets the right amount of food per day.

Some models also offer the possibility of training. So you can get your cat more easily accustomed to the vending machine. Depending on which vending machine you choose, you should pay attention to the capacity. Especially if you are not at home for several days. So you can find models that are smaller and have a capacity of a few grams. But you can also find feeders that have a capacity of several kilograms.

Are there alternatives to an automatic feeder for cats?

If you do not want to use an automatic feeder, you can choose the two alternatives. These are the stock feeding or the time-tested personal feeding.

Should you go on vacation or be away from home for a few days for work reasons, you can ask a neighbor, family member or friends if they can look after your cat.

Questions and answers about the automatic feeder for cats

How can you get your cat used to the automatic feeder?

Depending on the character of your cat, you should have more or less patience. To get your cat closer to the feeder, you should also be positive about it. Your mood as well as your mood during the training, passes on to your cat. In addition, you should not urge your pet to accept the feeder immediately.

Which automat is ideal for which application?

Depending on what criteria are important to you, you can find different models.

Should you want to use special features, then you should choose a model that has LED lights or a training mode. If you have several cats in your household, then a feeder with a large capacity can be useful for you. In such a case, a model with chips is also useful. With these you can save a certain number of chips, so you can make sure that each cat gets enough food. In addition, not all cats are the same. There are cat breeds that require special food. If such a cat also lives in your household, it makes sense to have an automatic feeder that is suitable for different types of food.

For which types of food should an automatic feeder be suitable?

There are models that are only suitable for wet food and others that are only suitable for dry food. However, you can also find models that are ideal for both types of food.

What should you do if your cat doesn’t accept the vending machine?

Of course, it may happen that your cat does not accept the feeder. You should not push your cat. In addition, there are many stores that offer a money-back guarantee.

Which vending machine should you choose?

Of course, it is up to you which machine you choose. Likewise, you must also look at which model is accepted by your cat. You should always take into account that an expensive model is not always the best.

For whom is a cat feeder suitable?

Basically, such an automatic feeder is suitable for people who are often on the road and thus can not ensure that their pet gets enough food in the time.

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